Journal Response #2 “Choices”

Normally we scold the person who made the result. For example we give punishment to the murder that kills the girl; we scold the boy who tries to still the bread in the bread store. But, seriously, we have to think about the reason for situation; ‘the background’. Why the murder should kill the girl? Why the boy should still the bread? In some case, the girl’s dad should hurt the murder, and the boy’s parents don’t care him every day and every time. Like this almost every situations have back ground information. Consequently, we have to analyze carefully all the step of the situation, not just see only the result. Of course, there is still murder and the boy have fault. But in the case, we should pay attention to the person who led the situation or perpetrator, would be punished. For this reason, today I’ll focus on the Peggy who stayed beside ken during all the step of accident, not the driver Ken who made the accident. Because of this I would say if Peggy has own responsibility of the accident.


Life is About Experiences

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12 years ago in summer day, my family had special event. That summer was the year when my younger brother became one year old and had a first birthday party. In Korean we value our first birthday. Normally people make big birthday party, and invite most of cousin and peer to the party and celebrate their child’s birthday. This culture came from wishing their children live longer and thanks to god that help their child live 1year.  Of course our family made big party for my brother. It was not my birthday but for some reasons I flutter and expect about that party. I love my brother and it’s his first birthday, how I cannot expect and flutter about it? I had confidence about I can give the most congratulations to him than anyone else. A few days later his birthday came. Our family dressed up and ready to welcome people. Everything was perfect. I could meet my cousins and I could eat a lot of delicious foods.  But the problem came up during the party. I was only 4 years old. I knew that day’s main person is my brother, but with my young mind, I felt jealous of him. Everyone was busy to celebrate him, every conversations topic was him. Anyway I was tried to persevere all about that. Because I want to show people that I’m a great and kindness sister. However at the highlight part of the party I was pretty sure to attend me in the main activity with my family like take photo or do some activity with my family naturally. But at that time I was an invisible man. I should stay at the side edge of the room and only thing that I can do was stand alone see happy family without me, and happy people who they watching my family. I felt so sad. Still I can remember their smiling face, clapping sound, laughing, and the firecrackers smell. Moreover while I watching them I though probably my family will be happy even if I’m not with them. It was worse memory that I had about ‘birthday’. And it was the first day I hate and jealous of my brother. But now days, when I think that day, because of that day I could learned parents are not mine, they are also his parents and they love both of us equal. This experiment makes me more mature person.