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First, Darwin’s theory of evolution is evolution by giving it that remains to win the battle with these creatures well adapted to the natural organisms not adapted to deliver the exceptional nature offspring. He wondered about why the turtles’  shells and birds beak’s shape is different from each of it. Rat which living in bright soil has a bright fur, and another rat which living in the dark soil has dark fur. The appearance is different depending on where the live. Scientist found that human’s embryo and fishes embryo’s same point but they were different. Species can be changed in similarly, however, completely different.  All of them were the law of survival. They found Everything has to be determined from DNA. DNA constitute every things. Also, the genes will change a lot of form.

One of fish has sharp thorns fin and the other one has red fin. But they are same genes. Their difference will be came from DNA’s switch. That switch changed the shape of each bird’s beak. After a few hundred years later evolving into human DNA ladder is not changed. All the creatures of the world, look similar to genes associated with switch, and born similar or different due to the arrangement and aging. scientist thought our forefather is chimpanzee. We got a larger space for brain so we are smarter than chimpanzee. And nowadays our most important thing is human behavior, human being.