“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Narrative

BANG. The big and robust sound came out. At that moment Mitty closed his eyes. In a short time, he thinks his past like a panorama in the dark. “Scot!” shouted his sergeant. Soon the surrounding is noisy. He thought ‘Am I already came to the afterlife?” Mitty opened his eyes slowly the man who aimed at the rifle was laid down and bleeding in his left eye. A sergeant cries a lot. Mitty thought perhaps they were best friends. He spoke in a sarcastic tone. “Gun miscarried. Too bad, but well, thanks to that, I am alive. “He feels guilty. A man died before his eyes, but he should not show off his guilty. At that moment the rope descended from heaven. His team tried to rescue him by sending a helicopter. He thought, ‘if they come more early before you die.’ However, he looked at eyes which staring at him and said, “if you want to follow your friend, come to visit me.’ A colleague of Mitty, who came down from the rope, hit him on the shoulder a few times.

“Hey, Hey! Get out of here; I have to go down.” A painter dangling from the rope hit Mitty’s shoulder. “Oh, sorry. Did you paint his building?” Mitty said. “yep.,” said painter. “Honey, what are you doing here?” said his wife. “Nothing,” said Mitty. “Ahh…oh here!” his wife gave a mask to him. “What is this?” said Mitty. “Can’t you remember? We have a recital in the church on this weekend!”Says his wife with disdainful. She continued, but it’s fade out slowly. “How could you forget? What are you thinking? How come you’ve been so space out lately!” …“hey dud, are you coming tonight?” a woman said. “Of course everyone is coming! This ball is the only time to see the royalty! I’ve never seen them. They’re pretty much be shrouded in mystery. I can’t wait for it!” Two women passed Mitty. “See? Today is the big opportunity for stealing costly things. Everyone in this town, come to this royal ball. Also, it’s a masked ball! The golden opportunity of life!” Said Pitter who is Mitty’s peer. “Yes. My children are waiting. I couldn’t feed them this week, but if success today, we don’t need to beg for a month’s worth of food.” Said Mitty. “Okay, good luck my friend,” Pitter said. Mitty covered his face with a mask so anybody could not see his face. Looking at the back of the Pitter who goes farther, he said, “Mitty Just think about kids. Nothing matter for me. It’ll be fine.” Mitty walks naturally into people, and a clock pointed 9 o’clock. The entrance to the castle was frantic with crowds of people. Mitty tries to put his hand into a woman’ bag for steal something. But suddenly, an uncovered memory makes confusing Mitty. ‘What is this…?’ These inscrutable memories come up frequently these days. Which is considered his memories even though he knows it is not his memory. Mitty can’t-do anything. “Hey! I was looking out you! Wow, man, you look cool today.” Pitty suddenly came to Mitty, and he snatched his hand with a green tone. “Watch out! You almost got caught.” Pitty whispered. “Thanks,” Mitty said with wobble voice. “Take care.” Pitty disappears into people. Mitty keeps wondering around “I..I can’t….” Mitty goes to the terrace, and he takes a sigh. Suddenly the fireworks cover the sky. He looked at the fireworks and missed it very much.

At that moment, every sound fades out, but only one voice comes out. “Prisoner number 1004. Frank Downey. Suspicion, theft, and murder. Punishment, public hangings. Do you have any last word?”

“For goodness ‘ sake, lose all memories of life in the next life.”

Tears ran down Mitty’s cheeks. “No…” the night of the pandemonium is deepening with fancy fireworks.

Living with memories of past life, is it an opportunity or a punishment? Mitty struggled with his affliction.

Capital punishment “Two Fishermen”

  1. In 1865, the execution of hanging from murder, rebellion and rape was legalized and actualized. In 1966, it was restricted to the murder of a police officer or officer, but the death penalty was removed in the 1976 Canadian Criminal Code.
    Thereafter, although the reintroduction of the death penalty was discussed, it was replaced with a life sentence without parole. In recent years(2001), it has been ruled that all but exceptional cases require the Constitution not to impose the death penalty. The setting of the “Two Fishermen” is 1900′-1930′, so capital punishment is allowed when people did Crimes of murder, treason, or rape.
  2. Even if Thomas Delaney is acting to defend his wife, murder can not be justified. The law should be concluded with only the situation and the facts of both sides in the most fair sense, and emotion and understanding can not be involved. So Thomas Delaney’s situation is understandable, but his murder is not justified for any reason.


1. All over the world, in rich and poor countries, , there has always been poverty, both relative and absolute. Relative poverty deals with economic inequality between two groups living in the same region. Wherever relative exist, social problems, such as increased crime, may occur. On the other hand, absolute poverty is a standardized measure of one’s income. For example, based on the new poverty line of $1.25 a day, 1.4 billion people were living in a poverty in 2005. But is this mean everyone else in the world is doing okay? Unfotunately, almost half of the people around the world live on less than $2.50 a day. And about 80% of the people around the world live on less than $10 a day.

2. In each country, each nation investigates how consumption and standard consumption of food such as food, medicine, transportation, housing, etc. Because each country has different characteristics of environment, geography, number of people etc, It will be difficult to standardize as one . Therefore, the poverty should defined as those who earn less than 10% or less than 5% of the average in each country.

China’s population

1. Yes. China’s “one child” policy is key to controlling China’s population. If they restrict by law, they can’t born their second baby. someway they give birth by the government doesn’t know, they can’t Birth notification, So when they grown up, they can’t do without their parents. so people will not have second baby. Even if they have their babay they might chose abortion.
(1-2)[India achieved stabilization without population control. As argued above, there are ways to achieve population- size sustainability without implementing a "one child" policy. There are alternative means. India is a good example of this, having achievebroadly similar declines in fertility without state coercion or occasional brutality.]
like this example, we should have try to control the population whithout stabulization. But in case of China, they has too much people. Goverment even can’t know all the people. so China can’t apply like India’s way.
2. Yes. it’s fair for citizen rights. because in many country, all the couple has freedom to have their baby if both side want. so it’s not fair for citizen. But it’s special case China is communism country so restirct people’s freedom and goverment control people is not a bad thing.
also China has serious problem with over population. If the population is keep increasing, people can’t get enough benefit. So their life quality will getting worse. So it’s fair.
(2-2)[“One child” policy violates right to reproduce and found family. The one- child policy has been criticized by human rights advocacy groups and Western religious advocacy groups who consider it contrary to the human rights of reproduction. Many governments, including the United State government, argue that the policy violates a right to “found a family”, which is protected under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.]
All the people has rights about getting baby if the both side of couple allow. Born is natural problem. Also, because of the controlling population, abortion is not good at human being. The baby is already have life and living in mother’s body. So control population forcibly, is not fit at human being and moral belief.
3. policy caused more good. when we see the population distribution graph of China the population was dicreased.

Journal Response #2 “Choices”

Normally we scold the person who made the result. For example we give punishment to the murder that kills the girl; we scold the boy who tries to still the bread in the bread store. But, seriously, we have to think about the reason for situation; ‘the background’. Why the murder should kill the girl? Why the boy should still the bread? In some case, the girl’s dad should hurt the murder, and the boy’s parents don’t care him every day and every time. Like this almost every situations have back ground information. Consequently, we have to analyze carefully all the step of the situation, not just see only the result. Of course, there is still murder and the boy have fault. But in the case, we should pay attention to the person who led the situation or perpetrator, would be punished. For this reason, today I’ll focus on the Peggy who stayed beside ken during all the step of accident, not the driver Ken who made the accident. Because of this I would say if Peggy has own responsibility of the accident.




Through the science develop, we can live more longer. And world still studying about undead life so we can expect longer life then now. So we can see in the graph the proportion of elderly people is increasing. However here is another changing. In the modern society, Female gets a lot of work place. In the past, as the Korean culture, women can’t be career in their life. girls should calm and take care of one’s husband. The only this to expect to daughter is go well with a marriage and have many baby. So all the girl couldn’t get a chance. But now, women getting power, and the world think the female is more meticulous so they complete the work more successfully. It’s kind of stereotype, but it shows objectively how the women’s position has increased. because of these women don’t want to having children. They don’t want to be caught in husband and children. Women value their one life, own dream, and the future. Also like the past in Agriculture-oriented society, we need many children because we need a lot of people to work. but now, it’s not any more. To raise one child takes too much money so people don’t want many children. so the proportion of young people is decreasing.

The government should prepare Low fertility and aging problems for the future and review welfare policy according to fertility rate. Also securing elderly support system and expansion of medical facilities for elderly population.