Fracking Letter

To. Honourable Miclelle Mungall

Hello, Ms. Mungall. My name is Trina Kim from riverside secondary school grade 12. I’m international student who came from Korea 2 years ago. First of all, I would like to say thanks to you, because of your great managing with British Colombia’s  energy people can live comfortably and safely. However, I want to carefully suggest about the fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing). I learned what fracking is and what might effect to human in my geography class. At beginning I thought that is a reasonable way to get a natural energy and it will safe from pollution. While my teacher showed me a documentary I shocked about that. The documentary includes the examples about doubt from pollution of fracking. Many people were struggle with polluted water. They asked about that diary water but it seems like all companies or government avoid the fact and responsibilities. Imagine shooting a water gun on a sand castle. If you use strong water pressure, sand casting will fall down. Even assuming that the water is supporting the ground to some extent, the weakened ground will increase the likelihood of sinkholes. The positive side of Fracking, it has revolutionized the US energy industry. The process is expected to reduce market dependence on relatively variable foreign imports and contribute to reducing fuel costs in the United States by up to 40 percent. However, Even if the pipes that extract the shale gas from the extraction process and the parts that block the groundwater are well sealed, the inevitable cracks in the rocks cause the methane to flow into the groundwater while penetrating the pipe down to several thousand meters. This pollution causes more damage to people’s health and to save a few dollars.  Me who love Canada as much as Korea, I really hope this will not happen in Canada.

From. Trina Kim


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