1.Explain why the plastic nature of the asthenosphere and convection currents are important to the theory of plate tectonics.

  • The asthenosphere makes the plastic can flow slowly.

2. Which type of plate boundary is:

  • Found at mid-ocean ridges? à Diverging
  • Most often associated with forming mountain belts on continents? à Collision
  • Associated with the San Andreas fault? à transform fault

3. Is it better to live near a regularly active fault line or an inactive fault line? Explain.

  • Active fault will be better to live. Inactive fault means land is not circulating. If the land is not circulating and the earthquake is happen, the victim will be worse than active fault.

4.Explain why volcanic activity along transform faults is relatively rare.

5. Use a plate boundary map to explain why Japan and Indonesia should face more earthquakes than anywhere else in the world. (provide the map you used in your post)

  • Both of them are placed on the plate boundary.


6. Use a plate boundary map and explain how plate tectonics would affect where you live.

  • Korea was near to plate boundary. However, Japan became a barrier of earthquakes or tsunami. So the rate of the victim could be lower than Japan.

7.Use a plate boundary map and explain the relationship between the position of volcanoes, fault lines and plate movement.


  • Usually volcano is created near the plate boundary. Also each plates are have different direction to move. It represent that the reason why earthquakes are occur often. Also the plate’s movement, earthquakes, and volcano, the fault lines might be have different order or shape.


  • Using a plate boundary map and the population density map below, which countries are at risk of having many people affected by earthquakes and volcanic activity?


        • Japan will get the most hardest effect by earthquakes. As the population density map show, east Asia has high population. One of the high country is Japan. But as the plate boundary map, Japan is placed on the plate boundary not the beside. Also, the volcano is located a lot in Japan. Also, other countries are mostly connected with continent. Hoevere, Japan is completely island. So they might get tsunami.


For these reasons Japan is consider to the most affected country by plate.


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