The stranger – blackout poetry

The poem “The Stranger” by Gord Downie includes a few poetic devices and when the readers understand that, they can get the denotative meaning as well as connotative meaning. Firstly, literal meaning is the boy is escaping from residential school and recalling his memory in the past. The poem has repetition. Speaker keeps saying “I am the stranger” (Downie, 1) and its emphasis on the struggle for identity. “What is in my head/ What is in my chest” (Downie,15-16) this is end rhyme that gives the meaning like no one understands his experience. Moreover, this poem has few symbols one of that is the ‘path.’ The path means freedom, and the speaking is waling a long path. Its connotative means; the speaker is walking for his freedom. Also, “Let me catch my breath” (Downie, 20) this means he wants to escape from those who wish to detain for the school. For the imagery, it helps and build abundant emotion of the poem. “Navigate the mud” (Downie, 5) this shows that he is trying to find the better lifestyle. Looking at the meaning that the author wanted to convey through this poem, you cannot change somebody from who they indeed are, or people run from their problems when there is not an outlet to communicate them. While reading and analyze this poem, readers can find out the historical fact about residential school. The author creates many poetic devices, and it makes the situations and emotions more realistic. The readers analyze that author’s poem’s devise and get indirect experience.