Capital punishment “Two Fishermen”

  1. In 1865, the execution of hanging from murder, rebellion and rape was legalized and actualized. In 1966, it was restricted to the murder of a police officer or officer, but the death penalty was removed in the 1976 Canadian Criminal Code.
    Thereafter, although the reintroduction of the death penalty was discussed, it was replaced with a life sentence without parole. In recent years(2001), it has been ruled that all but exceptional cases require the Constitution not to impose the death penalty. The setting of the “Two Fishermen” is 1900′-1930′, so capital punishment is allowed when people did Crimes of murder, treason, or rape.
  2. Even if Thomas Delaney is acting to defend his wife, murder can not be justified. The law should be concluded with only the situation and the facts of both sides in the most fair sense, and emotion and understanding can not be involved. So Thomas Delaney’s situation is understandable, but his murder is not justified for any reason.