Journal Response #2 “Choices”

Normally we scold the person who made the result. For example we give punishment to the murder that kills the girl; we scold the boy who tries to still the bread in the bread store. But, seriously, we have to think about the reason for situation; ‘the background’. Why the murder should kill the girl? Why the boy should still the bread? In some case, the girl’s dad should hurt the murder, and the boy’s parents don’t care him every day and every time. Like this almost every situations have back ground information. Consequently, we have to analyze carefully all the step of the situation, not just see only the result. Of course, there is still murder and the boy have fault. But in the case, we should pay attention to the person who led the situation or perpetrator, would be punished. For this reason, today I’ll focus on the Peggy who stayed beside ken during all the step of accident, not the driver Ken who made the accident. Because of this I would say if Peggy has own responsibility of the accident.


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