3 thoughts on “ADL Chemistry app

  1. Hey Ethan, this app seems great and I love how you can find all your element needs on this app such as protons. I was just wondering how to work the app because I didn’t fully understand your explanation, might just be my problem but I’d love it if you could making a lil’ bit more simple, Thanks.

    1. Hi Calum, thanks for the advice. I will try to make what I’m saying more detailed and easier to understand in my next assignment.

  2. Great App Review. You have outlined the Solution Fluency while sharing many details about your app. It is fantastic how you thoughtfully answered back comments on your blog and considered how you could improve the post! Great to see you put in a video at the end of your post. Next time, try to put your work straight on your blog instead of adding a link to a Word document. Great work!

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