What I Learned In Grade 9 Math linear equations

What is linear a inequality

  • a linear inequality is an equation that involves other sings such as
  • > is greater than
  • < is less than
  • ≠ is not equal to
  • = is equal to
  • ≥ is greater than or equal to
  • ≤ is less than or equal to

what does all of the signs mean. for example if there was a a x≥87 than x would be bigger than or equal to 87 same thing goes for x≤87 than that means that 87 is bigger than or equal to

How do you Solve linear linear inequalities

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brackets Fractions Sort Divide

How Do You Graph/ plot the #on the number line.

you have to find out what the number is and find out if it is greater than or less than. for example if the number was 2<x than you find two on the number line and anything smaller than two x is bigger than. you would use and open bracket for greater than or less than but an closed bracket for everything that is greater than less than or equal to.

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Math 9 Linear equations

How do you go from having a rule to having the numbers for the patterns?

first you do what ever the rule is to one so if the rule was 2x + 1 than you would go 1×2+1= and that would give you your first term in or first part of you pattern. than you would go on with 2×2+1= than that would be your 2 term or second part of the equation. you would keep doing that until you have at least the 4th term.

How we find the number of shapes in between the pattern ?

you find the number of shapes in between the pattern by finding out how much the pattern goes up bye or down bye. so if the pattern went 1,6,11,16 it would be 5 or if the pattern went 8,4,0,-4 the pattern is going down bye -4 each time.

How do you draw a graph and place the points on the graph?

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