Math 10 Week 1 Blog Post

How to do a factor tree. The goggle definition for factor tree is, a factor tree is a tool that breaks down any number other than a prime number into its prime factors. A certain number’s prime factorization is the list of prime numbers or prime factors that you would multiply together to create that certain number. That was the google definition but to simplify it to do a factor tree you have to (find  number you want to use so for example we will do 80 step 1). Than you have too find (two numbers that multiply into it so we will do 40\cdot2 step 2). Two is already a prime number so we don’t have to break it down anymore but we still have to (break down 40. so we will do 20\cdot2 step 3) so two is already a prime number so it doesn’t have to be broken down anymore but (20 still has to to we will go 10\cdot2 step 4) two and 5 are a prime number (so 5\cdot2 will be the bottom of the tree step 5) so the final answer would be 80=2^4\cdot5

That’s how you do a factor tree look down below for all the steps

( I can’t embed the photo into the blog post)


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