What I Learned In Grade 9 Math linear equations

What is linear a inequality

  • a linear inequality is an equation that involves other sings such as
  • > is greater than
  • < is less than
  • ≠ is not equal to
  • = is equal to
  • ≥ is greater than or equal to
  • ≤ is less than or equal to

what does all of the signs mean. for example if there was a a x≥87 than x would be bigger than or equal to 87 same thing goes for x≤87 than that means that 87 is bigger than or equal to

How do you Solve linear linear inequalities

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brackets Fractions Sort Divide

How Do You Graph/ plot the #on the number line.

you have to find out what the number is and find out if it is greater than or less than. for example if the number was 2<x than you find two on the number line and anything smaller than two x is bigger than. you would use and open bracket for greater than or less than but an closed bracket for everything that is greater than less than or equal to.

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