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TOKTW 2017 Alternate Assignment

MATH 9 HEALTH AND CAREER EDUCATION: CAREER EXPLORATIONS Researching a Career or Job in the Career Resource Centre 

Name _Ethan Chan_Block _D_ Rap #31_   Career or Job Scientist 

Write a brief job description. _Amgen BC – Research and develop antibody therapeutics from transgenic mice.  Disease focus includes Oncology, Metabolic, Cardiovascular, Inflammation, Neurological. 

Where did you get this information?  I got the information from my dad.  

What education or training is required for this career or job? University degree in sciences – B.Sc., M.Sc. or PhD. 

Where can you get this education or training? Identify at least two places. University of British Columbia (UBC) or Simon Fraser University (SFU). 

What are the entrance requirements to one of the educational institutions that you identified? UBC – English 12, Pre-calculus 12, two other approved Grade 12 courses (UBC website) including at least one of Biology 12, Chemistry 12, Geography 12, Geology 12 or Physics 12, Chemistry 11 

What is an option if you cannot meet the entrance requirements or are not interested in attending university? I can attend college to earn credits to enter university the year after. 

Identify the average salary or wage for the career or job (indicate if the information is not available). $60,000 is the average salary. 

What are the opportunities or future prospects for the career or job (indicate if the information is not available)? Canada job market for scientist is scarce.  There is good opportunity for scientist in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Identify three other related careers or jobs in the same area. Analytical Chemist, Animal Technician, Biomedical Scientist. 

Explain what you have learned as a result of the career or job search process. That trying to get a job as a scientist is hard work because you need to get high grades in everything you do and you have to find the right area.