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Tech Team DiVi Review

A) What are the strengths? Things you found useful.

DiVi builder is not that bad it is a bit confusing but can help make the blog look a lot better and a lot more appealing from the regular look that people use.  It also helps a lot to add more side features giving it that spaz  to make the blog exactly the way they want it to

B) What are the  weaknesses? Things you found could be improved.

What I think is a weakness is the fact that it is hard to see what you are doing visually making me go back and fourth between preview to make sure it looks the way I want it to. Also I feel like it should be simplified a bit more like (easy mode) for the new people to use and have an advanced option of later to have the best outcome because it seems to confusing for new people. One more addition is that it is so laggy that it can be so hard to use. Going to the side just makes it flare up and can make it hard to modify anything which is really annoying.

C) How can this plugin be used in a classroom setting to enhance student learning? Would you use it and/or recommend it?

It would definitely help people have better looking blogs and to have a better presentation look just because it would help the people  learning by  showing them the standards they need when applying for jobs of when getting into the university because some do look at edublog and you could impress them with it. But I would not recommend it because its a bit confusing for new people to use so I would suggest having a tutorial or something so that people will understand on how to use the builder properly. If so then it would be a yes