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Data Analysis Math H9

Part 1 CBC

I think it wouldn’t affect me that much because this is just social media you can just easily ignore it. It could also just be a troll account and trying to prank or just make people angry. It wouldn’t matter because this isn’t you and the person isn’t trying to stalk you or have anything to do with you so you are fine. But otherwise I would be very careful on what you look at online.

Part 2 Global News

This second one is close to the first one but also a bit different. This one is regarding fake posts while the other one is towards fake accounts. People who are trolls just post things online like my sister is missing etc. But all of those are fake and they just want attention. For us don’t retweet or re-post this stuff unless this is real. But if you are not sure make sure you don’t.

Part 3 BBC

For this third one this talks a lot about fake information. Lots of people post stupid fake things online and make it look like it is real so a lot of people will believe it and not think that is fake. Also filters. They change it the way they want it. They could make it all false and so on. Sometimes it would be misleading too. Like youtube videos being click bait or advertisement like in the article saying we will donate “I number that you would not be able to keep up for less then  a month.” Everything that we analyze and look on the internet can be very bias and we have to watch out what we do on the internet.

Cell Story – Information Fluency

Part 1

  1. Where are you found?
  2. What do you do?
  3. What do you look like?
  4. Why does the host need you?
  5. What would happen if we didn’t have the enterocytes
  6. do we divide? what rate?


I am snug little cell relaxing on the lining of the small intestine. I am an here in the intestine with many of my small brothers and sisters. I just sit here while all of the food is coming. We go and suck the nutrients from our food the person eats. We have a small hole in out rectangle shaped body. We help the body stay alive and get the amount of nutrients to the body so we can all stay alive. If we never existed in the body the owner could be in some really big trouble. He/she would have a higher chance of getting oral diseases. This means that the person could get bone, teeth and gum decay. We divide many times till we stop growing. once going we don’t but we are the most efficient at transporting all of the nutrients.

This is what enterocytes look like.

Part 2

  1. I needed to research a bunch of questions only a few of them were super important though the ones I have chosen are in part 1
  2. As I was working I used some sites. I used google (Never wiki) to look up info and I also looked at open clip art library to get my picture.
  3. The process I tried to use was the ask,acquire,analyze, apply and assess. make sure to check multiple sites to see if they have the same type of information. If not don’t use that point.
  4. I used easy bib to verify the sites because it shows the author, etc.
  5. Yes I could have done this better. In my mind I think I should have looked at more sites then just the few I did. I think that because I think I should be able to find more info then just on those few pages.


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