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House Hunters Project

Finding a Place to Live – Rental Assignment


What are the top 10 features you would need to have in a rental property?


Cheap internet


Cooking appliances


Large enough room for things like

  • TV
  • Large desk to do homework
  • Some area to stretch out

Also close to transit

Close to supermarkets to buy food

Allow pets

Has water

Not a noisy neighborhood

Close to animal clinic

 House Hunter Worksheet
(Budget = $1800 max/per person, per month)

  1. Webpage:
    Date:July 1 2019 (move in) Cost: $1700/month
  2. Housing Information
    For your place find the following information. In the column to the right, please write information that answers column A. Some answers require, yes, no, shared, separate, included, partial, and/or prices.  Please provide as much information as possible.
    Address of Rental:2680 West 4th, v6k4s1, Vancouver, BC
Distance to bus stop: 6 minute walk
Pets allowed? Yes
Deposit Amount:
(also known as damage deposit)

+850(If pet)

Utilities included: No but $25 a month
Cable included? no
Internet included? no
Water Bill Amount: $25 because with utility
Smoking allowed? No
Parking available? Yes
Laundry available? yes
# of bedrooms: 1
# of bathrooms: 1
Name of Neighborhood: Main road with Animal clinic beside it
Distance to University or College? 21 min with bus
Furnished? No
(which ones are included)
Does a Lease need to be signed? yes
Length of Lease 12months
Square Footage (sq ft) 533