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Owning or Renting a Home (Core Comp Included)


What I have learned in this mini project is the costs of the house with investments, renting, buying and more. There is also many more fees when you are doing purchases for both sides and the costs can be very, very heavy.  But on the upside you can earn money as time goes on since the values of the house can go up depending on how good shape you keep it etc. But also you can have horrible and crappy neighbors which can make everything worse in the end because of what disasters they can do. For me I would buy a house because in the end if I were to own it for a very long time I would be earning more money from it. It may cost more every month but in the end it would be in my benefit to buy a house because of many reasons. Like more privacy and its your home so you can do anything you want.

(Core Comp)

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Factoring and Radical Units core comp.

How has the critical and creative thinking impacted your communication skills?

Factoring and Radicals unit has made me improve my critical thinking by making me better at finding the correct number etc. Like breaking down radicals to as small as possible without making any mistakes etc. And if I do make a mistake I can put factoring back into the equation to help and see if the question is correct. This has also improved my creative thinking because I am able to think of other numbers to be able to help break down the equation down properly to get the correct answer etc. (Like thinking outside of the box to be able to get the answer).

Core Competent Canadians

I knew that the core competencies are for reflections used to see that you have learned and what you used to get the answers. Like critical thinking or all that other stuff.  I really didn’t learn anything but practicing more writing.

It could possibly help you make better chooses? Choose what to do first before anything else and maybe use this for better decisions and not procrastinate?