Halloween Photoshop Assignment

Hahahah yes.

The main thing that was challenging was using the tool to blend in photos. Just adding them doesn’t look that good. You need to blend it slightly so it doesn’t look too out of place. But when you blend it you have to blend it in the right direction otherwise it looks weird and the photo feels off.

Some of the things that worked well is tracing and the idea of the photo that I did. That is was the easiest since all you are doing is getting the photo out of the original photo.

Since I did photoshop stuff in grade 9 for my computers class I didn’t learn too much other than a good refresher to using it again. It can be used in future stuff to help brand stuff. Or maybe help make a new logo. All the small stuff that will add up in a project.

Smudge tool is extremely useful. As well as the gradient tool. (tip)

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