1. What is the name of the device you have chosen?

The device that I have chosen is the neopixel lights. There are many other things that I have done with the micro bits like make music. (An attempt to make Despacito)  and also made a fan using the micro bit cricket and many more.

2. What is it used for? Can it be used for other things in a classroom setting?

What the majority of the micro bit project was me making and helping/setting up the  code for the neopixel lights. With these lights you can make a variety of different types of lights that can glow in a rainbow, single colors, pulsate all different types. This can be used in a classroom setting like with the fashion club. They needed lights with certain colors on their costumes they made. With the neopixel lights they are able to make the color that they want to be able to get so their costume will look good and so that they can get the best possible mark.

3. What code did you use and what does it do? (Pictures or video’s please)

This code with the neopixel extension show that 1 of the lights will shift in different colors while the other slowly goes in a rainbow. This here is a simple look at what little code can have a huge effect on a project to give it a pop or anything really just to improve the project. Like as you go on you can make something like this (Below)

4. Can you think of any other meaningful ways micro:bits can be used in previous and/or current classes you have taken? Please think about this and explain how and where you think micro:bits can be used.

Looking back at my past classes I feel like they could have been used in addition with some of my power tech classes and science classes. More specifically in my rube Goldberg projects. This could have enhanced the looks of the board or be used as one of the features that could be given like sound loud enough to knock something over or maybe something like a fan to blow over something to keep the machine going to make sure it doesn’t end and end up as a failure. This could also be something very useful if you are running out of ideas so in this case it would be perfect to add to go above expectations with extra things too. Impress your teacher with some basic coding skills too.