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What is Your Favorite Quote: 

The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does.

Phil Woosnam

This quote is important to me because it motivates me to play soccer even better.

What is Your Favorite YouTube Clip: 

I like to listen to music a lot. I usually listen to music when I’m bored or when I’m playing game. It gives me more energy.

Find a Picture:

My dog is important to me because she helps me by keeping me company when I have homework

What is Your Favorite Website: https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/buy-now/battle-royale This is my favorite website because this game I play with my friends and I have lots of fun playing it.

The History of Your Birthday: Some things that happened on my birthday is one of my aunts was born the same birthday as me.

City of Jerusalem is captured and plundered by Christian forces during the First Crusade in 1099


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