Lit Circles #5

  • Check in with group
  • You should be reading Section 5, preparing for discussion 5
  • Plan for next discussion

Discussion #4

  • Discussion #4
  • Read Section #5: you will be handing in section 1-5 after competing 5th discussion
  • Spoken word begins tomorrow!  Be ready to go tomorrow!

Lit Circles Section 4

  • Read Section 4
  • Do role for Section 4 (reminder, I will be collecting Sections #1-5 next week)
  • If completed practice spoken word-in class Tuesday, May 14th

Lit Circles Section 4

  • finish reading Section 4 (reminder I will be collecting Sections #1-5 next week)
  • Do work for Section 4, discussion Monday!
  • If completed, time to practice spoken word: in class finals Tuesday!!

Discussion #3

  • Discussion #3
  • Read Section #4 (tomorrow’s class will be reading/doing roles)
  • Once reading is done, you may practice your spoken word if your work is done

Discussion #3

  • shortened class due to extended RAP
  • Discussion #3: this is an important part of the discussions/book as the initiating incident should have happened and the plot builds!  Discuss predictions, character development, ask questions, make sure you have the characters straight (especially in TKAM)
  • You may begin to read Section 4, the 4th discussion will be Monday.  If you have finished reading/ work, you may practice your spoken word.
  • Tomorrow’s class will be reading/doing the role for Monday

Discussion #2

  • Discussion #2 (if not done yesterday)
  • Self assessment
  • Read Section #3
  • Practice spoken word if done reading

Section #3 read & practice spoken word

  • You should be finishing up reading Section 3, working on notes for a discussion tomorrow.  Discussion #4 should be Monday.
  • 30 minutes to practice spoken word.  In class presentations next Tuesday, May 14th