Foundations 7

Tuesday, January 15th

  • Vocabulary 29: exercises Discussion on Thursday
  • Go over Colloquialisms and Slang
  • Lesson 8: Denotation and Connotation
  • Go over Lesson 4 & 5: Suffixes & Homophones
  • Peer edit (see checklist on p. 14)
  • Good copy due at the end of class
  • If you are done: Choose from ‘additional writing activities’
  • Reminder: Midterm Thursday, January 31st

Thursday, January 10th

  • Go over exercises for Vocabulary 28
  • Discussion time-using vocab from any previous weeks, have a casual discussion with a peer.  Try to incorporate as many as you can.
  • Vocabulary writing: choose your method (sentences, paragraph, mini paragraphs) and use all 10.  Please underline vocab words for me.
  • Go over Idioms.  Colloquialisms & Slang begin
  • Peer editing of rough draft (also called first draft)
  • Once done, good copy for assessment

Tuesday, January 8th

  • Welcome back!
  • Vocabulary 28: exercises.  Discussion 28 on Thursday
  • Grammar Usage: Lesson 6 & 7: Idioms and Colloquialisms & Slang
  • Narrative writing: Editing the first draft-had for assessment Thursday
  • Editing the Second Draft: pg. 15.  Tenses, repetition, etc.

Thursday, December 20th

  • Vocabulary 27: Discussion.  Please review the topics/words and go for it!  See if you can incorporate some from the last 2 weeks.
  • Go over exercises for 27: sentence/paragraph creation
  • Grammar Usage: Lesson 3-5: Prefixes, Suffixes, Homophones
  • Writing: Personal Narratives

Tuesday, December 18th

  • Vocabulary 27: read, work on exercises (due for Thursday if not finished in class).  Review Thursday’s discussion topics.
  • Go over Pronouns: which person?
  • Word Origins: Greet and Latin Roots
  • Point of View writing: Choose a Situation from pg 9.  Find a partner and switch perspectives to reply to the letter.

Thursday, December 13th

  • Discussion for Lesson 26 topics-try to find a new partner to converse with tonight!  Keep a tally of how many vocab words you used
  • Go over exercises for Lesson 26
  • 10 words in context-writing
  • Using commas with dates and addresses/Pronouns: which person?
  • Go over: A. General Understanding, B. Working with Language for “The Pathway to Freedom”  Cloze- Life under Slavery
  • Writing: Point of View

Tuesday, December 11th

  • Vocabulary Discussion Starters: Lesson 25.  Please hold onto the green sheet, you can choose 1 or 2 topics, find a partner and send 10-15 on two different topics.  See how many vocab words you can successfully use.
  • Go over exercises for Lesson 25.
  • Lesson 26: We will go over the exercises on Thursday and working on your sentences then also.
  • Grammar: Singular & Plural Nouns, commas
  • Reading: “The Pathway to Freedom”, an excerpt from the Narrative of Frederick Douglass

Thursday, December 6th

  • Welcome to Foundations 7!
  • Introductions and important information
  • Grammar & Mechanics: Audience and Purpose
  • Vocabulary: Lesson 25& exercises: we will be going over these on Tuesday and you will do use the words in sentences or a paragraph.  Try to use in your day to day speech over the next week (2-3 a day). We will also be using the weekly words in informal discussioons beginning each Thursday’s class (starting next week)
  • Writing Sample Assessment: You will have a choice of topics to suit your interest.  This will not be marked as an assignment, but a benchmark to assess your writing level.  I will be keeping these samples as required by Continuing Education.  Try to keep in mind what you know of sentence structure, grammar & verb tenses, paragraph structure.