Foundations 7

Thursday, November 15th

  • Paragraph reading: The Story of the Hamburger
  • Unit 61: Prefer and would rather
  • Food and You presentations: Istvan, Katalin, and Grace
  • 20 minutes to work on roles for discussion.  If you are finished, please work on the response questions at the end
  • Literature circle discussion #2

Tuesday, November 13th

  • Paragraph reading: An Ingenious Solution
  • Unit 60 Grammar: Infinitive of purpose-“I went out to mail a letter.”
  • Food and You presentations: Parwana, Hongling
  • Read together: Short Story #2- “Almost Better”
  • Time to work on roles for Thursdays discussion- will be assigned a new role

Thursday, November 8th

  • Paragraph reading: A Mysterious Island
  • Unit 59: Be/get used to something….(I’m used to…)
  • Food and You presentations: Ghazman, Jennifer, Manizeh, Jane
  • Lit circle discussion roles-for “The Stone Eater” (20 min to complete if needed)
  • Discussion #1-reveiw self assessment rubric first
  • Short Story #2-“Almost Better”

Tuesday, November 6th

  • Reading: A Short History of Sitcoms
  • Food and You presentations: Monica &   Next up: Thursday- Jennifer, Manizeh, Jane
  • Unit 58: Expressions = -ing
  • Short Story Terms review
  • Elements of Plot diagram (in lit circle groups) complete for “The Stone Eater” Lit Cirle roles reveiw
  • Lit circle discussion #1-Thursday

Thursday, November 1st


Tuesday, October 30th

  • His Final Escape: Paragraph breakdown
  • Exercise 63: Combining Sentences
  • Unit 56: Prepostions + ing
  • Descriptive Writing: brainstorming outline
  • Rough draft — good draft

Thursday, October 25th

  • Stylish Living?
  • Sign up for “Food and You” presentations
  • Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases
  • Reading 4: The Faces of Canadian Money

Tuesday, October 23rd

  • The Story of Storks
  • Mark & go over midterm
  • Grammar Unit 70: Plural and uncountable nouns with and without the (flowers/the flowers)
  • What’s next for grammar?  Prepositions? More sentence development? Who/whom?
  • Canadian Reading #3

Tuesday, October 16th

  • Vocabulary practice-go over xword
  • Vocabulary CLOZE writing
  • Paragraph reading: 54 Stylish Living
  • Canadian reading #3

Thursday, October 11th

  • Vocab review crossword
  • Go over Vocab 24 word parts
  • Unit 69 The
  • Reading #3:

Tuesday, October 9th

  • Vocabulary 24-word parts.  Go over and begin exercises
  • Go over Unit 67, begin Unit 77-The
  • Sentence Combining!
  • Reading Comprehension: Canadian History
  • Reminder: Midterm Thursday, October 18th

Thursday, October 4th

  • Vocabulary Discussion 23: Procrastinator-review this weeks words, and try to incorporate some past too.  Keep track of how many new words you used!
  • Go over 23 exercises: using vocab in writing.
  • Go over Unit 66 countable nouns with a/an and some
  • Unit 67 A, an, the
  • Go over grammar & Mechanics: sentence combining
  • Add to narrative

Tuesday, October 2nd

  • Lesson 23 vocabulary
  • Unit 65: Uncountable nouns/Unit 66 countable nouns with a/an and some
  • Transition Words
  • Narrative writing: Grammar & Mechanics
  • Good copy of Narrative:

Thursday, September 26th

  • Discussion: use as many vocab words as you can, find a partner, talk for 5, then switch topics.
  • Go over Lesson 22 vocabulary: vocabulary writing-challenge yourself to create a paragraph using as many words as you can.
  • Go over strong verbs
  • Using concrete nouns and active verbs in writing:
  • Rough draft of narrative

Tuesday, September 25th

Thursday, September 20th

  • Discussion for Vocab 21 (you may include 19 & 20)
  • Go over activities for Vocab 21
  • Active and Passive voice go over, more practice
  • Narrative paragraph writing
  • “The Hockey Sweater” The Hockey Sweater pdf-276wvy2
  • This story is based on the author’s own experience, and most of us can connect with it because most of us have a similar childhood memory.   Think of a memory of your own and summarize the memories into a logical sequence (think short story summary), then draft a short recollection of this event. Is it humourous, sad, exciting?

Tuesday, September 18th

  • Go over singular and plural nouns
  • Singular nouns that have a plural form
  • Vocabulary lesson 21: begin exercises
  • 6 way paragraphs: A Blaze of Glory
  • Finish ‘Coherence’-next up, from paragraph to essay

Thursday, September 13th

  • Singular and Plural Nouns
  • Go over vocabualry for Vocab 20
  • Sentence paragraph creation for #20
  • Unity and Coherence begin

Tuesday, September 11th

  • Go over Vocabulary 19
  • Vocabulary 20 begin-finish all exercises for Thursday
  • Writing assessment-no translators or phones
  • Go over “Coconut Tree” continue with paragraph review-topic sentences

Thursday, September 6th

  • Welcome to Foundations 7!
  • Introductions & course overview…requests, grammar?
  • Vocabulary #19
  • Vocabulary sentence creations
  • Paragraph review







Thursday, June 21st

  • Mark Grammar and reading portion of final exam.  I have marked your writing, great work everyone!!
  • Reading fluency practice…all the pages this time!!
  • Kahoot, please get the app Kahoot and get ready for some Canadian trivia fun!
  • Pot luck: it has been an honour teaching all of you, have a wonderful summer and hope to see you in the fall!

Tuesday, June 19th

  • Final exam
  • Reminder: potluck for 2nd half of Thursday’s class.

Thursday, June 14th      Reminder: Tuesday, June 19th Final Exam!

  • Current events presentation:  Zohre
  • Lesson 69-go over conjunctions
  • Lesson 70-express emotions: interjections
  • Fluency practice: reading speed and comprehension practice
  • Writing: Expressing your opinion

Tuesday, June 12th

  • Discussion: The Nanny Diaries (p.49) Groups of 3
  • Go over Reading: The Nanny Diaries
  • Current events presentation: Lenisa
  • Go over Lesson 67/68: Misplaced and dangling modifiers
  • Lesson 69: Use joining words, conjunctions
  • Writing: Expressing your opinion continued

Thursday, June 7th

  • Current events presentations: Evelyn,
  • Lesson 67/68: Modifiers
  • Readiing: The Nanny Diaries

Tuesday,  June 5th

  • Go over Lesson 66: Describe a Noun: participle phrases
  • Current Events presentations: Jenny, Rahim, & Yadh
  • Reading: The Nanny Diaries
  • Writing: Expressing your opinion about a piece of art


Thursday, May 31st

  • Discussion: Children & Manners.  Read the scenarios and find a partner or small group to discuss whether the adult did the right thing or not.  How would you handle the situation differently.
  • Current events presentations: Zahid, Manuel, Miguel
  • Exercise 73: Dangling Phrase Causes Problems
  • Expressing Your Opinion: controversial issues

Tuesday, May 29

  • Current events presentations: Zohre and Jenny, next up Zahid and Yadh on Thursday. Tuesday June 5th: Christy and Rahim
  • Exercise 72: Using Inclusive Language
  • Reading: Unit 3 Children and Manners
  • Writing Unit: Expressing your Opinion
  • Reminder: Writing contest submissions by June 11th

Thursday, May 24th

  • Current events presentations: Miguel and Manuel, next up May 29th Zohre and Jenny
  • Mark and go over vocabulary section of midterm
  • Share Your Writing: Peer Editing
  • More practice with Proofreading: apply to your writing contest paragraph-these are due June 11.  This will be the last class we work on them.
  • 6 way paragraphs: 21 Thunderstorms

Tuesday, May 22nd

  • Midterm

Tuesday, May 15th

  • Reminder: No classes on Thursday due to Adult Ed Conference/Pro-D.  Midterm Tuesday, May 22nd
  • Current events presentation: Marjan.  Next up Miguel and Manuel Thursday May 24th.  Tuesday May 29th Zohre & Jenny
  • Go over Suffixes sentences: building new words using suffixes
  • Vocabulary Crossword Review
  • Writing Descriptive Paragraphs

Thursday, May 10th

  • Current events presentation: Hassan next week with Grace on May 10th, Marjan May 15th
  • Lesson 18: Go over exercise. Using the part given in Lesson 18, create sentences using that word part, try to use ones, NOT used in the examples.
  • Building new words using Suffixes
  • idiom-worksheet-r0cvcx

Tuesday, May 8th

Thursday, May 3rd

  • Discussion # 17
  • Current Events Presentation: Kyle! Next up, Hassan on May 8th, Grace May 10th
  • Go over Excessive Nominations
  • More excessive nominations practice!
  • Vocabulary Usage: Writing a paragraph, 10 sentences, etc.
  • Finish up Summary writing: Politics as Usual and You be the editor

Tuesday, May 1st

  • Current Events Presentation: Jimmy…upcoming: Kyle May 3rd, May 15th Marjan, May 17th Manuel
  • Lesson 17 vocabulary begin exercises
  • Go over antecedents
  • Excessive Nominalizations
  • Writing summaries: finish practice 158, “Chimp off the old Block”
  • with your draft of your summary that you wrote last Thursday, find a peer to review their summary.
  • Politics as Usual

Thursday, April 26th

  • Go over exercises for Lesson 16, review conversation topic choices
  • Discussion 16
  • Go over antecedents, more agreement with pronoun and antecedent
  • Writing Summaries continued: review “Why Animals Sleep” summary
  • A Chimp off the Old Block

Tuesday, April 24th

  • Lesson 16 Vocabulary: go over pronunciation and work on exercises
  • Go over Demonstrative and Indefinite Pronouns
  • Demonstratives continued
  • Writing Summaries: begin
  • Sign up for current events presentation date

Thursday, April 19th

  • Lesson 15 Vocabulary discussion: try to cite some vocabulary from the last two weeks’.  If you have your words accessible, it might make it easier.  If you or your peer encounter problems, don’t give up, be persistent!  This is your path to fluency, remember it’s a fallacy that mistakes are bad…
  • Go over Lesson 15 exercises
  • Lesson 15 vocabulary usage write, can you use phrasal verbs in your writing?
  • Lesson 43: Demonstrative and Indefinite Pronouns
  • Process essay peer edit: underline your thesis, vocabulary words.
  • Good copy write

Tuesday, April 17th

  • Lesson 15 vocabulary: do exercises, read over next class’ discussion
  • Go over phrasal verbs from Thursday
  • More phrasal verb practice
  • Process Essay Outline.

Thursday, April 12th                                                            Midterm: Thursday, May 7th

  • Lesson 14 discussion: Choose a new conversation partner from last week, and try to get 2 topics of discussion covered.  Can you try out some phrasal verb combinations?  Keep an informal tally of how many vocab (last week also) you were able to use.
  • Go over exercises for Lesson 14
  • More phrasal verb practice
  • Lesson 14 vocabulary writing
  • Analyzing an essay: working with a partner, then the class, respond to the questions on pg. 94.
  • Write your own outline.  Choose topic, thesis.  Rough draft on Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 10th

  • Lesson 14 Vocabulary: Go over words and pronunciation.  Thursday’s class will begin with a discussion.  2 new topics, one new partner.  Review the words and try them out over the next 2 days.
  • Grammar:
  • Phrasal verb practice
  • Writing Process paragraphs: practice A
  • Practice B: using the conversation given, write a process paragraph about how to use a computerized index to do research
  • Analyzing a process essay (If time)

Thursday, April 5th

  • Lesson 13 discussion: Choose one of the topics from the Chapter 13 and find a partner to discuss with.  20 minutes, so try to talk to 2 different people and 3-4 topics.  See how many new vocabulary words you can use.
  • Go over Lesson 13
  • Vocabulary write: 10 sentences, or 5 sentences with two words each, or a whole paragraph using all of the words…or if you want to challenge yourself, use one of the writing prompts for this units discussion.
  • Unit 75: Apostrophes
  • Writing Unit: Process Essays

Tuesday, April 3rd

  • Welcome to Foundations 7!
  • Introductions and important information: 7 essential questions
  • Vocabulary: Lesson 13 & exercises: we will be going over these on Thursday and you will do use the words in a paragraph.  Try to use in your day to day speech over the next week (2-3 a day).
  • Writing Sample Assessment: You will have a choice of topics to suit your interest.  This will not be marked as an assignment, but a benchmark to assess your writing level.  I will be keeping these samples as required by Continuing Education.  Try to keep in mind what you know of sentence structure, grammar & verb tenses, paragraph structure.


Thursday, March 8th


Tuesday, March 6th

  • Food and You: Debra, Ioana
  • Re-registration
  • Go over 73: more of ‘the’
  • 30 minutes to work on your role for Discussion #3
  • Discussion #3
  • Review short story terms for final exam.

Thursday, March 1st

  • Food and You: Ioana, Saeid, Alex
  • Go over 72:
  • time to prepare notes for discussion #2 (30 minutes)
  • Discussion #2
  • Update self assessment, set a goal for final discussion
  • Rotate roles
  • Read 🙂

Tuesday, February 27th

  • Food and You: Jen, Bashar, Teidy
  • Unit 72: Geographical names with and without the
  • Lit Circle discussion preparation
  • Lit Circle discussion #1: review self assessment before beginning.
  • Rotate roles, I will assign new stories to begin reading for discussion 2
  • Read 🙂

Thursday, February 22nd

  • Food and You: Rahim, Lisa, Miquel
  • Go over Demonstratives homework: Lesson 49 & 50: comparing using adjectives
  • Get into lit circle groups, make sure you understand your role for Tuesday’s discussion.  Read

Tuesday, February 20th

Thursday, February 15th

  • Food and You: Essie…next Tuesday 02/20: Asad, Ioana, Mehran 02/22: Rahim, Lisa, Miquel
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • “One Thousand Dollars”

Tuesday, February 9th

  • Food and You: Maziar, Miguel….Thursday-Mehran, Essie
  • Grammar 66: Count and non count nouns
  • “A Pair of Silk Stockings”
  • finish activities and quiet write

Thursday, February 8th

  • Food and You presentations: Crystal
  • Tues: Maziar, Miquel Thurs: Mehran, Essie
  • Grammar: 65: Uncountable nouns
  • Short story terms
  • “A Pair of Silk Stockings”

Tuesday, February 6th

  • Midterm Exam: Part 1 Vocabulary and usage, Part 2 Descriptive Essay-please brainstorm your rough ideas in the web provided, then write the good draft double spaced in the booklet provided.
  • Reminders: Food and You Presentations: Thurs-Crystal

Thursday, February 1st

  • Vocabulary Discussion: choose a topic(s) from Chap 7, 8, 9.  Review the vocabulary words from that chapter (or more!)
  • Similes & metaphor review
  • 17: present perfect vs present perfect simple
  • Descriptive writing review/practice for midterm

Tuesday, January 30th

  • Go over Lesson 12 vocabulary
  • Discussion: choice of Chap 7, 8 or 9 (review)
  • Midterm vocabulary review crossword (chap 7-12)
  • 16-present perfect continuous
  • Similes & Metaphors
  • Reading: My Invisible Garden

Thursday, January 25th

  • Lesson 12 Vocabulary: vocabulary usage 10 sentences
  • Go over ‘Mood’
  • 16-present perfect continuous
  • Food and You presentations-oral/writing) Sign up
  • Food and You-20dkh6x
  • My Invisible Garden

Tuesday, January 23

  • Lesson 11 discussion: You have the pink topic sheet…review the words (and past first) and start talking!  Do a simple tally to see how many you can use.  Score out of 4, goal for next conversation
  • Lesson 33: Mood
  • 13/14-Present perfect (I have done)
  • Reading: My invisible Garden

Thursday, January 17th

  • Lesson 11 Vocabulary & exercises
  • 10 sentences or paragraph writing
  • Go over vocabulary from Toyko Farmer
  • Toyko Farmer continued
  • “Nine Young Prisoners” paragraph reading

Tuesday, January 16th

  • Go over Lesson 10 exercises
  • Conversation: Chapter 10 Vocab- Museum Pet.  Questions 1-5, find a different classmate for each question.

It is expected that students will engage with other in a sustained conversation in order to contribute ideas and support the ideas of others on a variety of topics.

  • Go over “Earworm” vocabulary
  • Lesson 31*appendix 1 & 32 Verb tenses and Irregular Verbs *appendix 2 regular and irregular
  • Reading: Toyko Farmer

Thursday, January 11th

  • Go over Lesson 10 vocabulary
  • Go over Lesson 30: Verb phrases
  • Writing verb phrases using vocabulary
  • Reading: Earworms

Tuesday, January 9th

  • Welcome back!
  • Lesson 10 Vocabulary & exercises
  • Lesson 30: Verb phrases
  • Reading: Earworms

Thursday, December 21st

  • Go over Lesson 9 vocabulary
  • Using vocabulary creating similes, metaphors, personification
  • Appositives
  • Lesson 29: Verbs
  • Understanding Paragraphs

Tuesday, December 19th

  • Similes, metaphors and personification
  • Lesson 28: Appositives
  • Christmas social in the lobby at 7:30
  • Lesson 9 Vocabulary

Thursday, December 14th


Tuesday, December 12th

  • Go over Vocab 7: 10 sentences creation
  • Go over Lesson 24/25 Nouns, nouns and more nouns!
  • Lesson 26: Singular and Plural Nouns
  • Description

Tuesday, December 7th

  • Welcome to Foundations 7!
  • 7 essential questions: Speaking and Listening
  • Paragraph review
  • Vocab #1 begin
  • Common/proper nouns


Thursday, November 30th

Tuesday, November 28th

  • Grammar Final: Sentences
  • Compare and Contrast Essay

Thursday, November 23

  • Lesson 22/23
  • Compare and Contrast outline
  • review

Tuesday, November 21st

  • Quotations presentations: Lucy, HyeJin
  • Lesson 20: Adjective and Adverb clauses
  • Lesson 21: Compound & complex sentences
  • Compare and contrast:  essay structure and practice

Thursday, November 16th

  • Go over 16/17 Direct objects
  • Lesson 18/19: Indirect Objects & Indirect and Subordinate Clauses
  •  Compare and Contrast Ideas in writing
  • Compare and contrast paragraph

Tuesday, November 14th

  • Go over Lesson 15 (compound subjects and predicates)
  • Lesson 16: combining sentences, practice
  • Unit 67: A, An, The
  • Unit 3: Relationships: Bullying

Thursday, November 9th

  • Go over Lesson 12 (complete subject and predicates) & 13 (simple subjects & predicates)
  • Lesson 14 (position of subjects) & 15 (compound subjects and predicates)
  • 6 way PP- 23 “The Soccer War”
  • Go over Unit 2: People: Dalai Lama- go over pg 15/16 do 17-20 go over together

Tuesday, November 7th,

  • Go over Lesson 10 & 11 types of sentences (types of sentences)
  • Unit 64: -ing clauses
  • Go over Unit 1 People: inferencing, vocabulary
  • Unit 2: People: Dalai Lama

Thursday, November 2nd

  • Quotations presentations: Azar, Lucy
  • Go over Grammar and vocabulary portion of exam.  I am still marking essays
  • Types of Sentences
  • Reading #1: Jane Goodall

Tuesday, October 24th

  • NO quotations presentations today
  • Grammar Review for midterm: Lessons 1-9
  • Go over Run on sentences
  • Essay writing: Essay outline begin.

Thursday, October 19th

  • Quotations presentations: Yen, Fang, HyoJin
  • Go over Sentence Fragments & Vocabulary 6
  • Vocabulary Review
  • Run on Sentences
  • Essay writing: Parts of the Essay, practice and thesis statements

Tuesday, October 17th

  • Quotations presentations: Reihanneh, HyoJin, Helen
  • Go over #2 confused words
  • Lesson 6 vocabulary
  • Editing practice and grammar mistakes: sentence fragments, run ons
  • Run on sentences-zympar

Thursday, October 12th

  • Quotations presentations: Lucy, Essie, Kim
  • Go over Commonly confused words
  • Commonly confused word #2
  • Go over Lesson 5 exercises: Begin paragraph
  • Paragraph writing: editing and revision practice with a peer

Tuesday, October 10th

  • Quotations presentations: Dornaz, Shila, June, Rose
  • Go over Idioms
  • Commonly confused words
  • Lesson 5 vocabulary
  • Paragraph practice: revision and editing

Thursday, October 5th

  • Quotations presentations: Asad, Yen
  • Go over Lesson 8: Connotation and denotation
  • Lesson 4 sentences- compound words and connotation and denotation
  • Idioms
  • Paragraph writing: organization practice with transitions, table/pair shareParagraph practice: incorporate vocabulary words, compound words

Tuesday, October 3rd

  • Quotations presentations: Evelyn, Zahra, Jen
  • Lesson 4 vocabulary: do exercises for Thursday
  • 7 Compound words
  • Paragraph Writing: go over Unity
  • Organization, coherence, and transitions

Thursday, September 28th

  • Quotations Presentations: Chika, Lilly, Simon
  • Lesson 3: 10 sentences
  • #
  • Go over supporting details activity-how to add more detail (facts, stats, and description)
  • Peer edit: paragraph for supporting details
  • Unity in writing

Tuesday, September 26th

  • Quotations Presentations: Teidy, Reihanh, Babak.
  • Lesson 3 Vocabulary
  • go over “Digging out the roots”
  • Go over #5, #6 compound words
  • Paragraph writing: supporting sentences/details
  • Quiet Write

Thursday, September 21st

  • Quotations presentations: James, Marjan
  • #2 Digging out the Roots
  • Go over Grammar 4 (prefixes) Lesson 5  Suffixes
  • Topic Sentence go over
  • Main idea and Unity in paragraphs
  • Go over exercises for Lesson 2 vocab-
  • Quiet write write a paragraph using this week’s vocab words, underline words and topic sentence.

Tuesday, September 19th

  • Quotations presentations: Crystal, Amy, Maziar
  • Oral Presentation Rubric-xoggb6
  • Lesson 2 vocabulary-go over and activities
  • 10 sentences
  • Go over Homophones-#3 & 4 Homographs and Prefixes
  • Lesson 7-Parapgraphs:The Topic Sentence and Main Idea
  • #21-“Thunderstorms” 6 way paragraphs

Thursday, September 14th

Fluent, conversations, engaging in discussions expressing opinions, biases, persuasions.  Understand natural speech.  Confident in their verbal and oral presentations

  • When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It's very simple. - Paulo Coelho

  • Quotations Activity: In pairs, read the given quote, what does it mean to you?  Share with another pair.
  • Quotations Assignment-1f8q9ua
  • Go over Vocabulary #1 exercises: 10 sentences in context
  • Go over Grammar Check in: where do you need help?
  • Grammar: Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms review
  • Using Paragraphs to Organize Ideas- Vocabulary paragraph

Tuesday, September 12th,

Welcome to Foundations 6/7

  • 6 way Paragraphs: “Why Do They Do It?”
  • Grammar Assessment: this is not
  • Vocabulary Building in Context #1
  • 10 sentences in context using Vocabulary 1