Foundations 7: Distance Edition

Tuesday, April 14th

Hi everyone, welcome to this new edition of Foundations 7!  My name is Erin Tate, and I will be your teacher.  I have been teaching Foundations 7 for about 4 years now, and also teach English at Riverside Secondary in Port Coquitlam.  You can reach me at, or through teams.  For the last several years, I have used this platform, edublog, as my means of lesson delivery.  I am rapidly getting used to teams, so will likely use both to start with.

  • Here is the meeting link to our class for tonight:

    Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

  • Please go to and sign up for a student account.  It is free and I will be using it for some grammar practice.  You will be asked for a class code, our code is specific hat 33, or use this link here:
  • Building on our past terms, we are going to continue to work with phrases, and clauses. I do not expect you to complete all of this tonight, or even next week!  I can work one on one with you from 7:15-8:15, through teams.  Tonight I’d like you to set up your account, and familiarize yourself with the site.  If you forget your username or password, don’t worry, I can reset for you.

Silver Linings Reflection Initial Write

What is your silver lining during this pandemic?  Getting the laundry finally put away?  Baking with your kids?  Seeing that the dolphins are returning to the canals of Venice, Italy? Find a silver lining and write a paragraph explaining how you were able to discover some good from all of this.  Add a picture or video if you know how.



Tuesday, March 3rd

  • Go over Lesson 20: Sentence Structure and Sentence Variety
  • Lesson 21 Co-ordination & Subordination
  • Re-registration
  • Oral Presentations!  Please try to contain around 5 minutes!
  • Reminder: Final Exam on Thursday

Thursday, February 27th

  • Go over Lesson 19: Adj, Adv, and Noun Clauses
  • Lesson 20: Sentence Structure and Sentence Variety
  • Chapter Highlights Revising and Editing
  • Lab: Newspaper Travel Article

Tuesday, February 25th

  • Go over Lesson 18: Independent and Subordinate Clauses
  • Lesson 19: Adjective, Adverb, and Noun Clauses
  • Finish “You Be the Editor”
  • Rough draft of travel articles/peer edit-use checklist p. 64
  • Add description1
  • Remember: we will be working in lab next class, so bring a usb to save.

Thursday, February 20th

  • Lesson 17: Phrases and Clauses
  • Lesson 18: Independent and Subordinate Clauses
  • Brainstorm topics for discussion
  • Reading 21: Days of Valour
  • Writing: Travel article


Tuesday, February 18th

  • Reading 19: An Empire and Its Problems
  • Travel Article begin Brainstorm, rough draft

Thursday, February 13th

  • Go over Lesson 15 (Indirect Objects)
  • Lesson 16: Subject Complements
  • Discussion #2: Global Warning, Trans Mountain Pipeline, Hockey! Holidays, Food, Music, Airplane crash in Iran
  • Finish Reading 17 (missing page) go over
  • Revising and Editing continued

Tuesday, February 11th

  • Go over Lesson 14 (Direct Objects) & Lesson 15 Indirect Objects
  • Transition & Focusing Word Practice
  • Reading 17: A Dying Art
  • Brainstorm topics for Thursday’s discussion

Thursday, February 6th

  • Go over Lesson 12: Subjects & Predicates
  • Lesson 13: Compound Subjects & Predicates
  • Discussion #1:
  • Topic of the day: Cultural differences!
  • Paragraph Exemplars
  • Continue with revising and editing

Tuesday, February 4th

  • Lesson 12: Subjects & Predicates
  • Go over Midterm exam
  • Reading 8: Count Dracula, Fact or Fiction?
  • Writing: Revising and Editing

Thursday, January 30th

  • midterm exam

Tuesday, January 28th

  • Grammar Review for Lessons 1-11
  • Vocabulary Review 9-12
  • Reading 16: Turquoise
  • Midterm Thursday

Tuesday, January 21st

  • Go over Lesson 9: Scientific & Tech Vocabulary
  • Lesson 10: Clichés, Jargon, & Redundant Language
  • Identifying Irony practice
  • Cloze Reading: A Letter to the Family
  • Reminder: Midterm Thursday, January 30th

Thursday, January 16th

  • Go over Lesson 8: Academic & Literary Vocabulary
  • Lesson 9: Scientific & Tech Vocabulary
  • Reading 6: But It Tastes Good
  • Vocabulary Review 9-12 continued
  • The Books that Changed My Life”- vocabulary and questions
  • Write: choose on of the topics from above.  Try to incorporate as much new vocab as you can, _________ each new word

Tuesday, January 14th

  • Go over similes, metaphor, personification worksheet
  • Lesson 8: Academic and Literary Vocabulary
  • Vocabulary Review 9-12 continued
  • Cloze reading: “The Books that Changed My Life”
  • Writing Unit: Revising and Editing

Thursday, January 9th

  • Lesson 7: Figurative Language
  • More figurative language practice
  • Vocabulary Review 9-12
  • Reading 4: The Century Flower

Tuesday, January 7th

  • Go over Lesson 5: Canadian Spelling
  • Lesson 6: Denotation & Connotation
  • Vocabulary 12: Word Study
  • Cloze #3: It’s No Act
  • Reading 4: The Century Flower

Thursday, December 19th

  • 6 Way Paragraphs: #4 Acrobatic Worms
  • Finish and Go over Lesson 3: Morphemes: Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes
  • Lesson 4/5 Standard/Non-Standard English & Canadian Spellings
  • Vocabulary 11: Where Do All the Wild Birds Go?  Writing in Context
  • Cloze 2: Choose one of the 4 choices and compose a paragraph.  Try to use vocab words

Tuesday, December 17th

  • Go over Lesson 2: The Development of English: Part Two
  • Lesson 3: Morphenes: Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes
  • Vocabulary 11: Where Do All the Wild Birds Go?
  • Reading 3: Keeping a Promise
  • Student tips for Cloze the Gap
  • Cloze the Gap #2 Coming To America

Thursday, December 12th

  • Go over; The Development of English: Part One
  • Lesson 2: The Development of English: Part Two
  • Go over Vocabulary 10: Word Study
  • Finish Cloze Reading: What’s In A Name?
  • Quiet Write: Choose one of the 5 topics listed, write a paragraph, try to use some new vocabulary!
  • 6 Way Paragraphs: improving your reading fluency
  • Progress Graph
  • 1 Tulipmania

Tuesday, December 10th

  • The Development of English: Part One
  • Go over: Vocabulary 9: By Sun and Stars
  • Using Vocab words in writing.
  • Vocabulary 10: Word Study
  • Cloze reading skill building: “What’s In A Name?”

Thursday, December 5th

  • Welcome to Foundations 7!
  • Introductions & expectations
  • Warm Up: This Is What I Think
  • In class writing sample:
  • Vocabulary Drills 9: By Sun and Stars
  • 6 way paragraphs: Crack Shot


Tuesday, November 26th

  • last class
  • confirmation of registration for next term, beginning Thursday, December 5th
  • Go over finals
  • Computer lab: I want to show you some sites I like to use for grammar.
  • No Red Ink: you can sign up for a student site without a teacher
  • Grammar Bytes
  • Reading: I have 4 different stories to choose from, all indigenous authors.  We will read in groups, lit circle style.
  • I thought I’d share this with you as part of our new curriculum for K-12, but applicable to any student of life.

Monday, November 25th

  • final exam: thank you for your touching stories and connection to the literature studied in class.

Tuesday, November 19th

  • Go over Unit 69: The Part 2
  • Re-registration: Lisa here at 7:30 to talk about English Language Arts 11 Composition.  Choices for next semester starting Dec. 5th
  • Book Talk Presentations: Omid H, Shamila, Hong Ling
  • Word Study 8: go over
  • 5-8 Review and Extension
  • Go over activities for story #3: The Bracelet
  • Quiet Write: choose 1 of the options for “The Bracelet”

Thursday, November 14th

  • Go over Unit 68: The
  • Unit 69: The Part 2
  • Book Talk Presentations:  Jane, Lena, Erika, Pegah,
  • Next/final class: Omid H, Babak, Shamila, Hong Ling
  • Finish Up: 7 Caving, go over
  • 8  Word Study
  • Quiet Write: choose 1 from “The Blanket”
  • Story #3: The Bracelet

Tuesday, November 12th

  • Go over Unit 67: A/an and the
  • Unit 68: The
  • Book Talk Presentations; Kiana, Sam, Arezoo, Mena, Neda
  • Next class: Jane, , Lena, Erika, Pegah, Omid H.
  • Vocabulary Drills 7: Caving Equipment
  • Reading: The Blanket

Thursday, November 7th

  • Go over Unit 66: countable nouns with a/an and some
  • Unit 67: A/an and the
  • Book Talk Presentations: Mushin, Magda, Evelyn, Marta, Anna, Rachel
  • Quiet write: p.15 “Eleven” choose 1 of the 3 options for a topic relating to the story
  • Begin: The Blanket

Tuesday, November 5th

  • Book Talk Presentations: Omid J., Hailey, Masoud, Pauline
  • Next class: Mushin, Magda, Evenlyn, Marta, Anna, Rachel
  • Go over articles and homework
  • Unit 66: countable nouns with a/an and some
  • Go over
  • Vocabulary drills 5: Subterranean Spectacles
  • Reading: Understanding the Story

Tuesday, October 29th

  • silent reading-last night for our literacy focus, but reading for enjoyment is the best way to expand your vocabulary, understand all of the confusing grammatical rules of English, and stay a life long learner!!
  • Article practice
  • Vocabulary drills 5: Subterranean Spectacles
  • Literary Terminology
  • Reading Unit: Childhood Memories, “Eleven”
  • Reminder: no class this Thursday due to Hallowe’en

Thursday, October 24th

  • midterm exam

Tuesday, October 22nd

  • silent reading
  • Go over activities A-G for Unit 5 vocab: Family
  • Unit 5 writing in context
  • Active & passive voice in writing
  • Active and passive practice
  • Persuasive writing practice
  • Reading:76 Life on A Coral Reef
  • Reminder: Thursday, October 24th is our Midterm.


Thursday, October 17th

  • silent reading
  • Unit 5: Family- go over words, time to work on activities A-G
  • Persuasive essay-rough draft
  • double space
  • Revising the first draft: Active/passive voice

Tuesday, October 15th

  • silent reading-character sketch paragraph due today
  • Unit 4 vocab-go over activities E-G
  • Unit 4 vocabulary write-challenge yourself to use a few more than last week
  • Begin persuasive outline and brainstorm
  • Begin articles

Thursday, October 10th

  • silent reading
  • Unit 4 vocab-go over activities A-D, then time to work on exercises E-G
  • Listening quiz for Unit 4
  • Go over word forms and using your vocabulary
  • Writing: Structured writing focus-choose topic (Leroy Strachan or alternate task)
  • Read sample essay-structure

Tuesday, October 8th

  • silent reading
  • Unit 4 vocab Society- go over vocab words/phases-any questions from Unit 3? Time to work on exercises A-D
  • finish and go over 1-4 review and extension
  • What is characterization? Part 2 of silent reading assignment
  • Persuasive writing continued

Thursday, October 3rd

  • silent reading
  • Go over Unit 3 Food exercises E-G
  • Context writing for unit 3, listening practice quiz
  • 1-4 Review and extension
  • Sharing in groups of your persuasive writing practice
  • Discuss 1-5

Tuesday, October 1st

  • silent reading-1st assignment due today: Journal Chart-sign up for book talk presentations
  • Unit 3 Food-Go over exercises A-D, time to work on E-G -if finished early, work on using words in context
  • 4 Word study
  • Unit 2 writing- go over pg 25
  • Reading of the US constitution
  • Begin Pre-writing activities

Thursday, September 26th

  • silent reading-note that 1st assignment due next Tuesday, Oct. 1st
  • Unit 3 Food- go over vocab words, work on exercises A-D
  • “A Short History of Sitcoms”
  • Unit 2 writing: persuasive writing, “The Case of Leroy Strachan”
  • Reading; Phylis’ Orange Shirt Day
  • Upcoming dates & book talk sign up

Tuesday, September 24th

  • silent reading- 15 min.  If you are late, please read at home.
  • Go over Unit 2 activities E-G, listening quiz
  • Writing vocab words in context.
  • vocab reading- “The Contests” (if itme)

Thursday, September 19th

  • Silent reading-15 min.  If you are late, please read at home.  My goal is 30 min or more per week.
  • Unit 2 Education-go over activities A-C, time to work on D-G
  • Unit 2 listening quiz
  • Word Study: word parts
  • Writing Summaries: Take it From Nature

Tuesday, September 17th

  • September is Literacy Month!  Let’s silent read.
  • Independent Silent Reading project-oral presentation sign up
  • Unit 2 Education: new content related vocab
  • Go over “Ancient Olympics”
  • Writing Summaries: “Politics as Usual”

Thursday, September 12th

  • Reading 68: Beyond the Call of Duty
  • Go over activities D-G, Unit 1 Government
  • Writing in Context: using as many vocabulary words as you can, write either sentences, paragraph(s).  This will be handed in.
  • September is Literacy Month!  Bring in a silent reading book for next class, any thing you like to read, this is THE best way to improve your English, expand your vocabulary, and continue on a journey of lifelong learning!
  • Coquitlam Public Library ESL tours- get a silent reading book for next class!!
  • Writing Summaries continued
  • Vocabulary Drills #1-The Ancient Olympics

Tuesday, September 10th

  • 68-The Best Movie of All- reading/paragraph structure
  • Go over activities A-C for Unit 1 Government
  • Finish activities D-G
  •  NEW- Break will be at 7:45-8:00 pm
  • Writing Summaries begin

Thursday, September 5th

  • Welcome to Foundations 7!  My name is Erin Tate,
  • Introductions & Icebreakers
  • Writing Sample Paragraph
  • Vocabulary 1: Government
























Thursday, June 13th

  • Re-registration for September
  • Lesson 7: Colloquialisms and Slang
  • Looking at Characterization:
  • Characterization practice
  • review of how to get report card
  • Time to ready notes for discussion, final discussion!
  • Final on Tuesday, potluck and last class

Tuesday, June 11th

  • Point of View: go over wksht
  • Final Lit Circle Story for discussion Thursday

Thursday, June 6th

  • Reminder summer registration is due today, June 6th.  Re registration for fall will begin June 13th.
  • Go over Lesson 9: Euphenisms
  • Go over short story terms match
  • More Idioms!
  • Point of View practice
  • Discussion #2
  • You will be given your final story before you go


Tuesday, June 4th

  • Reminder summer registration is due next Thursday, June 6th.  Re registration for fall should begin then too.
  • Go over Lesson 11: Symbols
  • Idioms part B
  • Re-read story #2: I will distribute your next role as you read.
  • Complete role for discussion #2

Thursday, May 30th

  • Reminder summer registration is due next Thursday, June 6th.  Re registration for fall should begin then too.
  • Lesson 10-Figurative language review- while you are working, I will circulate from group to group to clarify any plot, character, or any other story related questions.
  • Time to work on role for discussion #1
  • Lit Circle Discussion #1: do you need time to add detail to your notes?
  • Short Story Terminology Review

Tuesday, May 28th

  • Summer registration and re registration
  • identifying irony-2j8f8e0
  • Go over short story summary for “The Paper Bag Princess”
  • Read!
  • You must complete the work necessary for your literature circle role, but you should also try to apply all of the aspects of the short story summary to the story, for discussion on Thursday.

Monday, May 27th

  • Go over midterm exam: I will keep these for submission at the end of the semester
  • Idioms
  • Idiom practice
  • Fill in the blanks terms
  • Read “The Paper Bag Princess” apply elements of plot/terminology to story

Tuesday, May 14th

  • Vocabulary Crossword Review: get all of your 6 weeks of vocab out to review.  Try to not use translator
  • Grammar review:
  • Persuasive Writing continued
  • Reminder: no class this Thursday, May 16th due to Adult Ed conference
  • Midterm: next Tuesday, May 21st

Thursday, May 9th

  • Go over Lesson 6 exercises: choose any of the past weeks’ topics that you have not yet discussed.  Try to incorporate as many past words as possible.
  • Vocabulary usage writing
  • Go over Transition words
  • Commas 86-87
  • Go over “Mines in the Sky”
  • Persuasive Writing

Tuesday, May 7th

  • Lesson 6 vocabulary: word parts.  Thursday’s discussion will incorporate all weeks’ vocabulary.  Tuesday will be a review for the midterm
  • Lesson 68: Patterns of Development in writing
  • Lesson 73: Using Transition words
  • Reading 3: Mines in the Sky

Thursday, May 2nd

  • Go over Lesson 5 vocabulary exercises
  • Discussion #5-review the topics quickly, find a new partner, 10 minutes to talk, how many vocab words did you use?
  • Vocabulary usage write-keep those paragraphs coming!  Great work so far, interesting to read!
  • Lesson 68: Patterns of Development in writing
  • Go over “Shot Down Behind Enemy Lines”
  • Reminder: Thursday, May 16th Midterm

Tuesday, April 30th

  • Lesson 5 vocabulary
  • Comma practice 1-2
  • Lesson 66: Purpose and Audience
  • Reading: #18 “Shot Down Behind Enemy Lines”
  • Good copy hand in of paragraph: remember, topic sentence, supporting details, unity, transition words, and audience

Thursday, April 25th

  • Go over Lesson 4 vocabulary
  • Discussion #4: review the topics quickly, find a new partner, 10 minutes to talk, how many vocab words did you use?
  • Vocabulary usage write-10 sentences or a paragraph
  • Go over “A Dying Art”

Tuesday, April 23rd

  • Lesson 4 vocabulary
  • Lesson 60: Punctuating Quotations
  • Writing: Topic Sentence Placement, peer read of paragraph and Unity!
  • Reading: “A Dying Art”

Thursday, April 18th

  • go over Lesson 3 vocabulary
  • Discussion: review the topics quickly, find a new partner, 10 minutes to talk, how many vocab words did you use?
  • Vocabulary usage write: 10 sentences, 1 paragraph underline the words used, try to incorporate words from past units also.
  • Go over Lesson 59 Commas
  • Go over “The Medieval Castle”
  • Writing: Topic Sentence placement

Tuesday, April 16th

  • Hand out discussion topics/rubric for next discussions
  • Lesson 3 vocabulary
  • Lesson 58: Using End Punctuation
  • Writing topic sentences
  • Finish Reading: The Medieval Castles-go over

Thursday, April 11th

  • Go over exercises for Lesson 2 vocabulary
  • Discussion!!  Try to incorporate both units of vocabulary
  • Begin sentence construction using vocab words-hand in when done
  • Go over Lesson 57: Using capital letters
  • Reading: The Medieval Castle
  • Writing: topic sentences
  • reminder to hand in your writing sample if you were not here on the first day!

Tuesday, April 9th

  • Welcome!  I have crawled out of my flu cave and am happy to be here!
  • Review of new recycling program at Gleneagle
  • Lesson 2 vocabulary: time to work on exercises, review of discussion topics for Thursday
  • Go over Lesson 28/29: Sentence Fragments and Run On sentences/comma splice errors
  • Lesson 57: Using Capital Letters
  • Writing the topic Sentence