Lit Circle Discussion #3

  • Finish reading Section #3
  • Notes for Discussion #3
  • If you are able to have discussion 3 today, please do so.
  • If you have to be away on a discussion date, make sure you email or give your notes to a group member.

Wednesday, July 19th

  • short story review go over
  • Short story final: please silent read when you are done
  • Combining sentences due
  • Four types of sentences begin
  • Poetry terminology

Paper Bag Princess, Grammar, & theme

  • Grammar: No Red Ink: Parts of Speech Review II (make sure you understand common, concrete, abstract nouns)
  • HMWK check for short story summary for “The Paper Bag Princess”
  • Writing a thematic statement (tool box of terms ‘rules for writing thematic statements’)
  • Terminology Quiz tomorrow: studyhere these may just a portion of the terms, so rely on your tool box of terms to study.
  • 1 – Short Story Terms – Powerpoint Presentation-1bm9ma2

Friday Library and Sway

Good morning, sorry I have to be away so early in the semester, but my throat feels like it has glass shards in it and I don’t want anyone to get sick.

After your toc does attendance, please go down to the library and enjoy Ms. Henderson’s book talk!  Everyone must choose a book to leave in the classroom.  You can get to know your book (read it) for 15-20 minutes.  If there is time, please work on your sway which is due on Tuesday, along with the descriptive paragraph.  Have a great Friday!

Friday Library and Sway

Good morning, I am sorry to be away so early in the semester, but my throat feels like glass shards and I don’t want to make everyone sick.

When you go to the library after attendance, please enjoy Ms. Henderson’s book talk and then choose a book to leave in the classroom.

If there is time left, get to know that book for 15-20 minutes (read it).  Mr. Barrazoul will come by to go over how to begin your sway.

Reminder: your partner paragraph is due today, please email it to me

Have a great Friday!

All About Me Sway

  • Grammar: Please go to and bookmark it and you will need to sign up for a student account
  • B block’s class code is glossy dollar 36
  • D block’s class code is nimble flag 64, then you can begin Parts of Speech review
  • Your descriptive paragraph should be finished, at least in rough draft format.
  • Go to your office 365 account and go to sway