Wednesday, July 19th

  • silent reading
  • Character Sketch due today for Mrs. Evans
  • Vocab #3- sentences creation.  What is CLOZE?
  • Go over “identifying theme” wkst
  • Go over “A Mountain Journey” short story summary
  • Update characterization chart for ALL stories read.
  • AMJ Questions and figurative quote drawing
  • Grammar begin
  • Short Story Unit final-tomorrow!  Please bring a pencil and eraser.
  • Midterm Report Cards-Friday

Lit Circle Section 8/9

  • Check in with group
  • You should be having discussion 9 soon.  I will observe your final discussion, please let me know
  • Final reflection to be completed before sending in notes.

Lit Circles Core Competencies

  • Hand in notes #1-5 with reflection
  • Discussion 5 or begin reading Section 6: plan for Wednesday for Discussion 6
  • Core Competencies activity: In your lit circle groups, evaluate what the cc you were given means to you, define, and then apply it to the protagonist in the novel you are ready. Use textual examples

Lit Circle Discussion #3

  • Finish reading Section #3
  • Notes for Discussion #3
  • If you are able to have discussion 3 today, please do so.
  • If you have to be away on a discussion date, make sure you email or give your notes to a group member.