Good copy of essay and last class :(

  • Acknowledgement
  • Thank you to all of you for making this such a great semester, I am grateful for you!  Best of luck for semester 2, hope to see in English First Peoples 11!
  • Final Passion Projects: Ben/Daniel, Asal
  • Reminder: Infographic due
  • Peer edit-get a sheet from me, find a peer, read each other’s essay.  Try to find 5 words that can be ‘upgraded’
  • Print off, double space, breathe easy!  If you are not finished, you can come in on Monday.
  • Book return-make sure you see me cross your name off when you give your lit circle novel back.
  • Make sure you know your time for Literacy Exam next week.  Come by before or after to pick up your essay.
  • I will be hosting a lunch for Ms. Galligos and Sam D. next Thursday, let me know if you would like to join us, it is optional, but I’d love to have everyone if they can.

Passion Project and Rough Draft of Synthesis Essay

  • Acknowledgement
  • I am grateful for a snow day and Burke Mtn to snowshoe on yesterday!  What did you do?
  • Passion Projects: Kota, Asal, DIllenger/Steven, Ben/Daniel
  • Rough draft of essay should be done.
  • Link to a principle of learning in the conclusion
  • Good copy due at end of the block tomorrow-Friday
  • Please make sure you return novel and I cross your name off

Synthesis Essay Day 2

  • Acknowledgement
  • Please have me check your thesis
  • Your goal is to complete the outline for tomorrow
  • You should connect to a principle of learning in the conclusion
  • Refer to yesterday’s post for all necessary documents
  • Passion Projects: Leah & Kota

Synthesis essay begin

  • Acknowledgement
  • Let’s look at this link​
  • for some tips and more info on the literacy assessment next week.
  • Characterization Infographic due today!  Please put on your blog and tag #infoefp10 (no hash tag needed)

Lit Circles & Passion Project Presentations

  • Acknowledgement
  • Many of you are having a final discussion today or tomorrow.  Check in with group, when final discussion is finished, please send me all your notes.
  • Passion project presentations: Edrian & Markus, Joel, Robbie, & Lucas, Olivia, Chakayla, Ela
  • Characterization project work time

Lit Circles Section 7-9

  • Acknowledgement
  • Passion Project: Avelina
  • You should have had a discussion yesterday, and making a plan to finish final sections.
  • You need to be reading at home!
  • Today’s reading focus: Motif

A motif is a recurring image or symbol in literature.  It can be a repeated colour, weather pattern, or any repeated idea or object.  Motifs come from symbols and often connect to the discovery of theme.  As you read today, identify 1-2 symbols/images that have been repeated throughout.