• silent reading-feel free to read your book or “Kumamuk”
  • Kumamuk response questions-due Tuesday.


  • No Red Ink: adjectives & adverbs
  • Please refer to yesterday’s post if you need the documents
  • Characterization: I Am Not a Number
  • In your table groups, you will be given a character to analyze.  Using the STEAL method, go back into the text and look for evidence that characterizes that particular character.
  • One person will make a shared document for the group.
  • Don’t forget to download ‘character sketch adjectives’
  • Share out to the class

What We Share-Talking Circle Learning Journal

  • Acknowledgement: Ela
  • silent reading
  • go over short story summary for “Legend”
  • Learning Journal examples (no names have been used) and criteria
  • Learning Journal #4- Reflecting on yesterday’s talking circle, and Richard Wagamese’s writing, how did you find the talking circle helpful, as a class, as an individual, as a larger community of citizens, from Riverside, Port Coquitlam, world.  How can listening to others stories bring us closer together?  What principle of learning do you connect with for this experience?