Lit Circles Section 2

  • Acknowledgement
  • If you have group members who were absent yesterday, but present today, take a few minutes to debrief them on the first section.  If you miss a discussion, you are still responsible for the missed work.
  • Finish reading Section 2.  Make sure you review the new role BEFORE you begin reading, there are sticky notes at the front, help yourself!
  • Prepare work for discussion #2, it should be in the second half of today’s class or first thing tomorrow.

Lit Circles Discussion #1

  • Acknowledgement
  • Sit with your lit circle groups
  • Self assessment for Lit circles
  • Check in with your group: You may take 20-30 minutes to finish up notes, and get ready for discussion.
  • Summarizer begins by setting the stopwatch.  Summarizer shares his/her summary and questions.  Take turns with questions, do you have more?
  • Literary luminary directs group to page #s.  Read passage, share connection, add to it.
  • C shares illustrations, setting details, travel tracer.
  • Word Wizard, directs group to the words, read in context.
  • When discussion is done, fill out self assessment and set 1 achievable goal for the next discussion.
  • Rotate roles and begin reading.

Lit Circles Section 1

  • sit with your book group at the assigned spot.
  • Make sure you have your name in the book.  I’d use a plastic bag, or sleeve to keep it free from rain and water damage.
  • One person in the group should set up a shared document on google, or office 365
  • I have broken down the amount of pages needed to read each section.
  • I will check in with your group to help you make a plan and make sure you understand what your role is and your responsibility to the group
  • Read Section 1

Poetry Final & Lit Circle Start

  • Passion Project Presentation: Gustavo Bill C31
  • Poetry Final
  • When completed, come see me quietly to get your novel and go over roles, expectations, and questions.
  • Here are the lit circle groups.  A member, should set up a shared document on Office 365.
  • The page numbers in the book are divided by 9.  For example, 221/9= this will give the amount of pages you need
  • Get your book, make sure you name is written in the front (I did some, but ran out of time)
  • Begin to read the first section, but first make sure you review your role and take notes.  Stickies are at the front.

Spoken Word class finals

  • Thank you to everyone who went yesterday.
  • Lit Circle Book Talk: Please listen carefully to the summaries.  We are on a tight reading schedule and you will be expected to read and do some work at home.  Choose the book based on your own reading level, speed, and interest.  NOT who else wants to read it.
  • Use the handy forms here to give me your top 2 choices
  • We begin reading as soon as groups are set.
  • Poetry final tomorrow
  • Lit Circle Reading schedule Literature Circle Roles

The Elders are Watching & Connection to Place

  • Acknowledgement
  • Poetry re-test
  • Connection to Place and Land in Poetry
  • Chief Seattle made a speech to US Congress in 1854, right before he was forced to sign over the title to his land his ancestors had resided on for generations and then having to move onto a government created reserve.  In this amazing speech, he eloquently describes his relationship with the land, water, sky, and animals and foreshadows his concerns for the future.
  • Now let’s watch the video of this amazing poem “The Elders Are Watching” written by David Bouchard and illustrated by Roy Henry Vickers.  Write down the good and bad things.
  • What is the message? Is it all doom and gloom?
  • Remainder of class to work on Spoken Word

i am graffiti

  • acknowledgement
  • Passion Project: 7 Grandfather teachings from Janice and Ava
  • tone_mood_words-pdf-2cn8fw9-1fe7a8d
  • Study for poetry terms quiz retest Friday Click here for Quizlet
  • Poetry final will be Wednesday, December 4th
  • Poems studied in class: Driving Thunder Road, Poem, History Lesson, i am graffiti, The Elders Are Watching
  • Spoken word in class Monday/Tuesday-you need to be working on this outside of class and for homework!!!
  • Send me your outline for passion project

Passion project &i am graffiti

  • Acknowledgement: Steven
  • “History Lesson” Allusions: finish oral presentations
  • Passion project: check in.  Open up your project plan, I will come around and check it.
  • Click here for link to sign up.
  • You need to have at least 3 outside resources: can be story, poem, youtube, elder, at least 1piece of literature
  • Passion Project

Allusion in Poetry: History Lesson

  • acknowledgement: Robbie
  • no red ink: finish adj/adv quiz
  • oral storytelling: Last one.  Please be ready with a draft of spoken word for
  • “History Lesson” in groups you will “Step 4”.  Read the poem again, collect some more information to educate yourselves and the class, then present your findings to the class.
  • Learning Journal #6: “Is this poem a fair and accurate depiction of North America history from 1492 to present day?” DUE FRIDAY
  • Spoken word in class finals will be on Monday, December 2nd & Tuesday, December 3rd, school wide finals December 5th & 6th in blocks C & D
  • Reminders: Wednesday your plan for passion project.
  • Poetry quiz retest: Friday—–Updated, I will be adding a terminology portion to the upcoming poetry final.