Thursday, April 9th

  • Good morning!  Today is authentically fake Friday, as tomorrow is Good Friday.
  • Please spend 15+ minutes working on NoRedInk.  If you get stuck, videocall me (camera off) and then share your screen with me.  This is a very easy tool in teams that allows me to teach you.  Adjust the time spent on NoRedInk, to how much writing/editing you have left to do for your silverlining assignment.
  • Upload to your blog, tag ‘silverlining a,b,c’
  • I am going to be using the assignment feature of teams, so I will ask you to post there as well.
  • If you have finished your assignment, and NoRedInk, you can silent read (send me the title or pic of your book) or explore topics on NoRedInk.
  • Let me know who is in your lit circle group by the end of today or I will choose.
  • We will meet again on Tuesday, at the new class time, I will send out the link on our team channel.

Silver Linings Reflection

  • Thank you for checking in yesterday!  As part of our chat, I asked you to think about a ‘silver lining’ that you unexpectedly found during this worldwide event.
  • This can be a little thing, like the discovery that you like to cook, and actually found your parents aren’t so bad.  Maybe your silver lining was dressing up your dog in too-small hockey clothes.  Maybe painting your room, or even painting or another form of art.  Inhaling books, and food?  All night gaming sessions for mastering a level on Minecraft, COD, Warcraft.    Or, look at a world wide perspective, like the dolphins returning to the canals of Venice, or the air finally clearing over China, or our 7 pm shout out to all the front line workers around the world.
  • A short  video below to watch, there is an episode 2 on youtube that is even better.  What this reminds us, is we are all in this together.  I just want you to watch the video, it is meant to be inspiring, but if you wanted to do your assignment like this, go for it!

Your assignment:

  • Share your silver lining. Include an image, video, drawing, book cover, whatever that captures this, such as my dog Sid in his hockey gear.
  • Write a well developed paragraph explaining this discovery of the silver lining during the COVID-19 pandemic.  There has never been an event like this in my life, how do you think it will change you?  I will post the rubric below relating to your writing.
  • This will be posted on your blog: silverlining (a, b, c)
  • We will use today’s class and part of tomorrow’s class to complete it.

I will be doing attendance on teams tomorrow and will send out a chat to everyone to check in.

Tuesday, April 7th

  • Hello! I am looking forward to our check in today
  • Check out this lego stop motion of Prime Minister Trudeau addressing the kids of Canada.  I will be asking you for a silver lining you have found during this time.

Monday, April 6th

Hi everyone,

  • Please familiarize yourself with teams today, find our class, send me a hello, send a friend a hello too 🙂
  • Please read through this etiquette how to for online meetings.  Add no earbuds/airpods allowed
  • We will be doing a teams meeting on Tuesday, April 7th (tomorrow) in small groups.  In your teams channel, I have put an important document that will hopefully give you some structure for the rest of the semester.  Find it and read it.  Familiarize yourself with your meeting time and group.

A Block:


9:00-9:25- Gianna, Olivia K., Mateo, Evan, Renchie, Gabe, Yashar, Ricardo


9:25- 9:50- James, Max, Tommy, Joelle, Melissa, Chelsey, Aamenah


9:50-10:15- Darya, Olivia S., Eva, Sahar, Carson, Cole

B Block:


10:25-10:50- Savannah, Caitlin, Adrian, Khalil, Ilia, Kia, Joselynne, Joseph, Kaitlyn


10:50-11:15- Safa, Aida, Dasha, Joshua, Leah, Selina, Hannah, Rachel, James


11:15-11:40- Ella, Regan, Chelsea, Sydney, Beth, Jada, Ahmed, Dalton, Brandon, Mr. G

C Block:


1:00-1:25- Gautom, Carlos, Eashan, Kaitlyn, Maddy, Matt, Joel, Joshua, Stephanie


1:25-1:50- Lexi, Brooke, Rayanna, Maile, Arman, Soheil, Anita, Angela


1:50-2:15- Jack, Braden, Cole, Justin, Sophia, Jaclyn, Sarah, Connor

Here is a video I have found very helpful throughout this last week as I familiarize myself with teams.  Please watch it!

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with you all.  I will be online most of the day, send me any questions or just to say hi.  Remember to find the notes I put on our channel!


Welcome Back!

  • Hi everyone, as you are aware we are currently in the process of figuring out how to work remotely, and for you, learn remotely.
  • Check your email, Ms. McKay sent this out yesterday
  • I will be marking today and updating MyEd as I go, but in the meantime
  • Be like Sid and read a book!


Flip Book

  • No Red Ink:Finish Building Compound & Complex Sentences, then Conjunctions-silent read when done
  • Last Class to work on Flip Book
  • Short Story Unit Final tomorrow
  • make sure your Circle Talk Reflection in on your blog with the correct tag(s)