Welcome to English 9!

  • Welcome! First please bookmark my blog, http://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/etate/category/english-9-agenda/ and let’s do a walk through so you can see where everything is.
  • Let’s get organized!  Create a digital folder  called English 9.  You will also need sub folders as we go through the units: Short Stories, Writing, Poetry, Novel
  • English 9 Course Outline open and save this in English 9 folder
  • Icebreaker: Partner Interview: make sure you get enough detail to write a paragraph about this partner.
  • No Red Ink: go to www.noredink.com and sign up for a student account.  Check the white board to left to see what your class code is.
  • We will explore grammar on Tuesdays and Thursdays and silent reading on Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Lit Circles Wrap up

  • Final section, please let me know when you are ready to begin your final discussion
  • When completed, please fill out a green reflection form.
  • Core-Competency-Blank-Trait-Characterization-16tw86n-105aq22
  • Character traits-1w5ej0i
  •  “On Friday, June 7th after school in the library, an international debate coach will be coming to Riverside. All those interested in debate or argument techniques are welcome to attend. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills and get an introduction to the lucrative field of competitive high school debate. If you are interested in arguing for a purpose, we look forward to seeing you!”  

Lit Circle Section 8

  • Discussion 8 for most
  • Read Section 9, make plan for 9th discsussion
  • Next up, notes for Section 6-10 due after final discussion
  • Group Project