Welcome to English 9!

  • Welcome! First please bookmark my blog, http://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/etate/category/english-9-agenda/ and let’s do a walk through so you can see where everything is.
  • Let’s get organized!  Create a digital folder  called English 9.  You will also need sub folders within: Short Stories, Writing, Poetry, Novel, Inquiry
  • English 9 Course Outline-20ugzds open and save this in English 9 folder
  • No Red Ink: go to www.noredink.com and sign up, here is your class code: absurd net 39
  • We will explore grammar on Tuesdays and Thursdays and silent reading on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Exercise #1: Parts of Speech diagnostic.

Lit Circle Group Presentations

  • Group presentations: please make sure your groups’ presentation in on each of your blog with the tag #litcirclegroup A or B
  • Have an idea about what you want to do for individual project.

Lit Circles Group/Individual Project

  • last class to work on group presentation.  Presentations will be held in class tomorrow.
  • This will be worked on in class Thursday & Friday
  • Character Sketch due #litcirclecharactersketch A or B
  • Final notes due.
  • Check your myed account to make sure I haven’t missed anything!

Lit Circles Wrap Up

  • Now due:  final notes #6-9 with reflection sheet and self assessment
  • Character Sketch, please take a photo of the notes on the board, due today
  • Group Project: presentations will begin Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Lit Circle Wrap Up & Character Sketch

  • Most groups are having discussion 8 or 9 (A block), or finishing up and working on their character sketch for either protagonist or the antagonist.
  • When finished discussion 9, please fill out a green reflection form, hand it in with your yellow self assessment.
  • Please see MondayTuesday’s post for a reminder on the character sketch.  This is due the first day  back, please post on your blog as soon as you are done #litcirclecharactersketch a or b

Lit Circles

  • most of you are nearing the end of the book.
  • When completed, please fill out a green final reflection sheet handed in with your totaled self assessment for discussion, /36
  • You also need to write a written character sketch about either the protagonist or antagonist. see a review on yesterday’s post.  Keep in mind the use of adjectives to describe character, evidence from the story to support, use at leas2 quotations.