Good copy of your essay!

  • refer to yesterday’s post for all documents.  Please let me know if you would like a paper copy of the peer edit sheet.
  • Please print off a copy of your essay if you are typing, hand it in with your outline.
  • You’ve done it!

Essay Rough Draft

  • Now that your outline is complete, you have the ‘bones’ of your essay.  Here are some documents to help create a logical and polished essay.
  • Once you have your rough draft complete, print it off.  Double space (control 2)
  • Peer edit

Shakespeare in Love finale

  • finish watching “Shakespeare In Love”
  • Share the things you noticed from the theatre to the costumes, roles, and language to the play itself and the characters.
  • Can you appreciate the role that theatre played in society during an age without film or TV?
  • Read some more Shakespeare!

Shakespearean exploration

  • We will end this unit with an essay.  You need to come up with an inquiry question that you will develop into a thesis which you will examine in the essay.  This unit is meant to give you an introduction to one of Shakespeare’s plays, and two modern movie interpretations, plus we will examine Shakespeare’s language and meaning.
  • Is Shakespeare still relevant can be your beginning question.
  • Shakespeare Webquest-1r1z5u5


Lit Circle Project Time

  • Group project time: you have today and tomorrow.  Presentations Monday (Block B) and Tuesday (Block B and D)
  • Individual project due Wed for B Block and Friday for D block
  • Due NOW: Journal responses #5-9 & self assessment for discussion