Lit Circles Lego Stop Motion

  • Discussion 8 and/or 9.  Some of you decided to combine the last 2 discussions and that is fine, but you will need to do both sets of notes for full marks.  You may break them up for Friday/Monday as well.  Discuss with group members.
  • Make sure you have handed in your collaboration contract.
  • Storyboard development.  6 frames, what is it that you want to highlight?  Character, climax, introduction, etc.
  • You must have this in at the end of class. Bring all materials for Monday filming.

Lego Stop Motion Lit Circle Project

  • No Red Ink: re quiz available for you to take
  • Mr. Barazzuol here to introduce COL Lego Stop Motion project
  • Sit with your lit circle group, but you will be working with one or two others only, or individual

Lit Circles Section 8

  • most of you should be reading/discussing about Section 8.
  • Mr. Barazzuol here tomorrow to introduce Lego Stop Motion (you will need to be finished your book before you begin).  You will work with independently or with another group member.  I have made groups, please see me for group members.
  • Make a plan with your group for reading/discussing end of novel
  • Remember to fill out 2nd side of reflection sheet when done book.

Lit Circles continued

  • No Red Ink: Commas
  • Your group should be nearing completion of the book
  • Make a plan to be finished by Friday, you may have to book time to come in at lunch if you are behind.
  • Mr. Barazzuol here Thursday

Lit Circles

  • Check in with your group, some of you will be having a discussion today, try to if possible.
  • Read the next Section (7 or 8)  and plan for next discussion
  • Mr. Barazzuol will be here Thursday to introduce Lego Stop Motion project, so your group should be finished or close to finishing novel by the end of the week.

Lit Circles and Spoken Word

  • Congratulations to Lauryn, Alexis, Jenny, and Iu for their spoken word presentations!  You rocked it girls!
  • A block: Section 6, some of you are discussing, some will be reading.  If you are able to have a discussion by 9:45, please do so.
  • We will be beginning our final COL next week with Mr. Barazzuol

Spoken Word Finals & Lit Circles

  • No Red Ink: you should be finished the quiz, I will add those to Myed.
  • Comparative/superlative adjectives is next

    A block: continuing with Lit Circles, D block in café for spoken word finals, good luck to all participants!


Lit Circles

  • check in with group: some of you are reading, some of you are discussing
  • Read Section 6
  • Pink reflection sheets should be handed in with first 5 sets of notes.  Back side reflection to be filled in at the end of book