Choices-Seeing both sides

  • Grammar: finish Parts of Speech, Quiz Tuesday
  • Go over Short Story Summary for “Choices”
  • So who is to blame?  Write a persuasive paragraph proving who is at fault for the accident, and Peggy’s life.  Use at least 1 quotation, strong topic sentence, hook, relevant supporting details, and proper conventions of English.

Terms Quiz, Theme

  • short story terminology quiz
  • Grammar: Parts of Speech continued
  • Short story summary: “The Hockey Sweater”
  • Finding theme:

This story is based on the author’s own experience, and most of us can connect with it because most of us have a similar childhood memory.   Think of a memory of your own and summarize the memories into a logical sequence (think short story summary), then draft a short recollection of this event. Is it humourous, sad, exciting?

Friday Library and Sway

Good morning, I am sorry to be away so early in the semester, but my throat feels like glass shards and I don’t want to make everyone sick.

When you go to the library after attendance, please enjoy Ms. Henderson’s book talk and then choose a book to leave in the classroom.

If there is time left, get to know that book for 15-20 minutes (read it).  Mr. Barrazoul will come by to go over how to begin your sway.

Reminder: your partner paragraph is due today, please email it to me

Have a great Friday!