Lit Circles Core Competencies

  • Hand in notes #1-5 with reflection
  • Discussion 5 or begin reading Section 6: plan for Wednesday for Discussion 6
  • Core Competencies activity: In your lit circle groups, evaluate what the cc you were given means to you, define, and then apply it to the protagonist in the novel you are ready. Use textual examples

Lit Circles #5

  • Check in with group
  • You should be reading Section 5, preparing for discussion 5
  • Plan for next discussion

Discussion #4

  • Discussion #4
  • Read Section #5: you will be handing in section 1-5 after competing 5th discussion
  • Spoken word begins tomorrow!  Be ready to go tomorrow!

Lit Circles Section 4

  • finish reading Section 4 (reminder I will be collecting Sections #1-5 next week)
  • Do work for Section 4, discussion Monday!
  • If completed, time to practice spoken word: in class finals Tuesday!!

Discussion #3

  • shortened class due to extended RAP
  • Discussion #3: this is an important part of the discussions/book as the initiating incident should have happened and the plot builds!  Discuss predictions, character development, ask questions, make sure you have the characters straight (especially in TKAM)
  • You may begin to read Section 4, the 4th discussion will be Monday.  If you have finished reading/ work, you may practice your spoken word.
  • Tomorrow’s class will be reading/doing the role for Monday

Section #3 read & practice spoken word

  • You should be finishing up reading Section 3, working on notes for a discussion tomorrow.  Discussion #4 should be Monday.
  • 30 minutes to practice spoken word.  In class presentations next Tuesday, May 14th

Spoken Word

  • time to practice your spoken word
  • time (2-3 minutes), figurative language
  • Performances will happen Tuesday, May 14th
  • Discussion #2 Monday

Lit Circle #2

  • Read Section 2
  • Do role for Section 2: Discussion #2 will be on Monday
  • Tomorrow we will be working on spoken word: you should have it done so that you can use tomorrow to practice, time, perfect!