June is National Aboriginal History Month!

Hi everyone,

As we have now finished our novel, Indian Horse, you should have a growing understanding of the racism, prejudice, poverty, and the long lasting impact of the residential schools.

Have you watched the movie yet?  Please watch the movie, Indian Horse Thursday/Friday trailer below

June celebrates the rich history of our Indigenous peoples in Canada, but also the horrific impact of the residential schools in our country.

Today, June 11th marks the anniversary of past Prime Minister, Stephen Harper’s apology to all surviving and deceased Aboriginal People of Canada, watch below:

What do you think?  Is that enough? (Rhetorical question, of course not!)

Here is just one of the calls to action set forth by The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 2008

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada included four calls to action for sports and recreation. Here’s just one:

87. We call upon all levels of government, in collaboration with Aboriginal peoples, sports halls of fame, and other relevant organizations, to provide public education that tells the national story of Aboriginal athletes in history.

Indigenous athletes often face tremendous difficulties beyond the rigors of training for their sport. They are frequently from geographically and economically challenged home communities which means access to elite training facilities and resources for training and travelling for training can be limited. During national and international competitions, they can be subjected to institutionalized racism and stereotyping. When you read the short bios of these 21 athletes, think of the era in which some of the athletes, such as Tom Longboat and Joseph Benjamin Keeper, competed, and imagine the barriers they faced.

Please click the button to download the list of amazing past, present and emerging Indigenous athletes. There are many more outstanding Indigenous athletes than just the 21 we’ve listed.

Learn more

It is my goal that we can create a Canada that we can change and end the systemic racism that still exists today, by educating ourselves and sharing our knowledge and calling to action!

Have you heard of the Missing Indigenous Women Epidemic in Canada?  Please listen to one of Mr. Barazzuol’s New Media 10 classes podcasts below.  They worked with the art department to make the covers.

The tag is indigenouspodcast

Please comment on the podcasts you listen to, in order to acknowledge the writers as their purpose was to bring awareness to this cultural genocide.

Call to Action!  What can you do?  You can write a letter to your local Member of Parliament supporting equity for First Nations students.  Did you know many Northern Reserves do not have access to clean running water? Did you know that Northern Indigenous kids often do not have access to high school on their reserve and have to leave to go South to a large city to get their diploma?

Here is a link to some Indigenous Reads, but I will also post some of my personal favourites tomorrow.






Lit Circle Individual Project

Here is the schedule for this week.

Monday: Work block for project and check in.  Thank you to everyone who has checked in, if you did not answer my call, please check in via teams/email.

Tuesday: Work block and check in for project.  Please let me know where you are at, and if you need help.

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Thursday: Final Work Block– you will sign up for a 5 minute time slot on Monday or Tuesday, where you will present your project to me via teams.  You must have it uploaded to your blog with the correct tag and be ready to share your screen. If you would like to share with your lit circle group, can you let me know?

*If you are ready to present to me this Thursday, PLEASE let me know as I am on a very tight schedule with report cards and final marks and would like to get started.

Absolute and Final Due Date: Monday, June 15th

Tag: litprojectd

Category: English 10

Absolute and Final assignment hand in; Monday, June 15th

Lit Circle Individual Project & Literary Elements Log

Hi everyone,

Welcome to June!  Here is the schedule for this week and the meeting link for today.

Monday: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

The last and final element of your literary element log is logically, the author.  Without the author to tell a story, there is no story.  Especially in Richard Wagamese’s case.  So for this final aspect of the log, I want you to do some research on our author.

Your literary element log is due by Friday on teams, or sooner as we have been working on it for 8 weeks.  How you choose to display and present it is up to you (see #6 below).

Lit Circle Individual Project:

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Tuesday: no meeting link today, as YOU will call me when you have decided upon your individual project choice.  You must have a step by step plan/outline of what you will be doing in order to complete the project for next Tuesday, June 9th.

*I have put a lot of documents on our teams channel, look under files–essay writing

Thursday: This will be a work block for the project, please check in with me to show your progress.




Hi everyone,

Here is the schedule for this week.  This week’s literary element is Point of View.  We will look deeper at point of view and how it impacts our understanding of the story on Wednesday (tomorrow).


  • Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

  • Read Section 6: Chapter 32-up to, not including 50.
  • We have two more sections after this (just the way the chapter split went and our pace allowed for us to eliminate section 9), so we are heading toward the climax.  Predictions?
  • Make sure you rotate your role before beginning.  Everyone should have completed all roles now, how can you improve?


  • Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

  • Please update your literary element log with a brief description of the types of POV and evidence from the story.
  • Point of View:
  • Indian Horse:


  • Lit circle discussions. Please confirm with your group that everyone is able to be in attendance. After 1 missed discussion, you will lose 5 marks for each one missed after that.

Indian Horse Section 5 & Plot

Hi everyone,

Here is the schedule for this week.  This week’s literary focus is plot.

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Monday- Reading Chap 27 p.112-Chap 32 p.137

Rotate your roles and enjoy

Tuesday – Plot- the events in the story.  What are some of the key events (rising action) so far?  We are heading toward the climax, any predictions?  Please fill out your literary elements log with a point form plot diagram.

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Thursday discussion time.


INDIAN HORSE: Section 4 & Conflict

Hi everyone,

Here is the schedule for this week:

Monday, May 4th

Read Section 4: Chap 20-27

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Tuesday, May 5th

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Rotate roles, complete work for Discussion #4

This week’s literary focus is conflict!

Today is a work block to get ready for Discussion #4, but let’s review about conflict and then update your literary log.  What is conflict again?

Conflict is the struggle between opposing forces and forms the basis of the plot.  There are often layers of conflict in a story, such as in “Indian Horse”

person vs ____________________ : example from the story

Please update your literary element log.

Thursday, May 7th

Lit Circle Discussions


Hi everyone,

Here is the schedule for this week.  Let me know if you have any input as to how to achieve your learning goals.

This schedule is subject to change.  Report cards come out this week, there is still ample opportunity to improve.

Monday, April 27th,

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Section 3.  As discussed in your lit circle groups, we encountered the initiating incident in Section 2, when Saul gets sent to residential school. How will he survive this? “I could never understand how the god they proclaimed was watching over us could turn his head away and ignore such cruelty and suffering.” (p. 52)

Reading Section 3: For this next section, read Ch.13-19 (including 19).  The chapters are short and sweet in this book, but contain so much.  Chap 13 is significant as it signifies all he has lost, I know some of you read it with the last section, but should be read again in the context of this section, which has some hope discovered in the form of turds.

Rotate the roles, make sure you understand what to do before you read.  I am overall very impressed with the quality and content of all of your work, thank you for posting on the shared document.

If you finish reading early, please go to No Red Ink to finish up past units.  If you are amazing at grammar, please be reading.  I have been collecting some excellent pdf versions that I will share.

Tuesday, April 28th

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

This week’s literary focus is….Characterization!  How do we come to understand a character in a story?  We have spent quite a bit of focus on this so far, so I will let you add the description to your literary elements reading log.

I am not getting you to write a character sketch, but please fill out this chart as you go through the reading.

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Wednesday-Friday, April 29th-May 1st

Lit Circle discussions.  Please talk to your group and decide upon a time, during class time, or if outside, check with me to see if I’m available.  The discussions I’m hearing are starting to be great!  Keep it up!

Indian Horse: Week/Section 2

Hi everyone,

I am going to update my blog with the week’s schedule, rather than daily and will post the meeting links here:

Monday, April 20thJoin Microsoft Teams Meeting 1:45-2:45ish

On Mondays we will be reading.  This week is section 2, from chapters 7-13.  You will rotate your role, so A becomes B, B-C, C-D, and E if you have it. Part of E, or D, now also has a connection to AWOKB, please familiarize yourself with this new role, and be efficient by taking notes as you read.  After we’ve checked in through the meeting, you are free to read.  If you finish reading, please work on NoRedInk.  If your group wants to read more per section, please let me know, as I would like to speed up this unit, so if your group wants to accelerate, let me know via email or through your lit group channel.

Tuesday, April 21st- Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

This week’s literary element is, setting! What is setting?

Setting is not just the time and place, but also the lifestyle, culture, emotional feeling created by the moral atmosphere. Is it past, present, day, night, real or imaginary.  Setting connects to other literary elements, like plot and conflict.  Think about  how the setting impacted/created the plot.  Think about Indian Horse, how does the setting impact the story.  Using evidence from the story, record these details in your literary element log, remember I said you could change the log to suit your style?

You should be finished the reading from yesterday, today you will be doing a new role.  Make sure you know your role before you begin.

A: Summarizer should have taken notes of new characters, symbols, elements of plot (does the initiating incident happen in this chapter?). Questions should be 3+.  I heard some really good ones last week. You will also be the one setting up the meeting and recording.

B:Literary Luminary hopefully you tagged or marked with stickies the passages you want to share.  The more detailed the connection, the better.

C: Illustrator/Travel Tracer: What would you like to see more clearly?  You can’t use Jr.’s cartoon of his sister Mary, but maybe you’ve seen an actress that could play her?  Does the setting change in this sections? (Yes, describe it).  Look it up!

D: Word Wizard & Researcher: Choose words that are new, unusual, repeated, funny, slang, connected to the story, and define them, but also connect them to the story.  Research some background info that helps grow understanding for all.

E: Figurative Language/AWOKB: there is A LOT of figurative language in this book?  Why so descriptive?  Connect and explain to one or more AWOKB (see files on channel).

I am accessible through teams for any questions or help.

Thursday, April 23rd

We will be doing discussions like last week.  It worked well for me, as I was able to hear most of the summaries.  If it is ok with your group, we will use the same time slot so I can assess/listen to summarizer’s role.  It is challenging to get the discussion started, but a good summarizer does that with his/her strong questions.  This should take about 30 or more minutes to get through everyone.  When your group finishes, I can see the length of discussion and when your shared document is uploaded to teams, it makes it very easy for me to assess your work.  Overall, I was very pleased with how well everyone did last week.

If your group would like to request a time change for your discussion, message me on your group channel and we can discuss that.

Lit Circle Discussion #1 & NoRedInk

  • You will invite me today into your discussion, if you don’t know how to send a link, just ask.
  • Please record the discussion, I will only be able to hear the summarizer.  When recorded send to the stream and share on the litgroup channel.
  • I also need to see your notes during the discussion.  The easiest way is to use the file/document on your team channel.  Some of you have sent me a link, that works too.  During this time of distance learning, it is essential that are accountable.
  • After your discussion, or before, you should be working on the units ‘components of a sentence’ and then ‘sentence fragments’.
  • Reports are coming out the end of this month.  I will be sending another email and I report home if you are not passing.  You have until Monday to hand in any missing assignments from before the break.
  • Schedule for next week:
  • Monday, April 20th-read section 2 (from chap. 7-13 and rotate roles
  • Tuesday, April 21st-Literary element-setting, do the role/work for that section.
  • Thursday, April 23rd-discussion 2, work on NoRedInk

Genre & Lit Circle Work Block

  • Hi everyone, here is the link for today’s meeting, I will keep it short to give you lots of time to work on your role for tomorrow’s discussion.

    Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

  • Each week we will have a different literary element focus, this week it is genre. Please download the chart below.
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  • I will send your group the time I will pop in to your discussion tomorrow.
  • I just discovered, you can use the ‘files’ tab at the top of your litgroup channel to record your individual notes, really easy, just make sure each person’s name is clearly identified next to their role.