To Kill A Mockingbird

  • Academy award wining “To Kill A Mockingbird” this does not follow the book’s depth of conflict, but focuses on the theme of racism/prejudice as the main conflict.  Gregory Peck is a perfect Atticus Finch
  • To be finished on Monday
  • Tuesday for genre project presentations

Lit Circle wrap up

  • Final set of notes due with final reflection.
  • Character sketch due.
  • Genre project work block- last class block to work on it.  Presentations will be Tuesday in class.
  • Deadline for Q3 assignments tomorrow before the end of your block!

Lit Circle work block

  • time to work on Genre trailer project.
  • Storyboard first, shared document for paragraphs.
  • Character Sketch paragraph due now
  • Final set of notes due after completion of final discussion, hand in with green reflection and self assessment for discussions.

Lit Circles continued

  • Please let me know when you are having your final discussion.  Some of you have divided into 9, some 10.  Green reflection sheets at the front, fill out and hand in with final set of notes.
  • Character Sketch paragraph- March 4th.
  • Choose a character from your novel (a main one), referring back to March 4th for documents and ppt  (indirect/direct characterization, STEAL)
  • To be included in paragraph: quotes to support your topic sentence, connection to core competencies (at least 1), and evidence to show how character has changed due to circumstances in the story.
  • Group project will be introduced when discussions are completed.
  • “On Friday, June 7th after school in the library, an international debate coach will be coming to Riverside. All those interested in debate or argument techniques are welcome to attend. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills and get an introduction to the lucrative field of competitive high school debate. If you are interested in arguing for a purpose, we look forward to seeing you!”  

Lit Circles continued

  • Most groups will be having discussion 9 today.  I will observe/listen in on your final discussion, please let me know when you want to begin.
  • When finished all notes, please complete a final reflection and hand in.
  • Character Sketch paragraph- choose a character from your novel (a main one), referring back to earlier in the semester (indirect/direct characterization, STEAL) write a character sketch paragraph.
  • Refer back to March 4th blog post regarding characterization.  Your paragraph must connect at least 1 core competency to your character, and you should look at how that character grew/changed over the course of the novel.
  • Group project will begin Monday

Lit Circles Section 8/9

  • check in with group
  • Read next Section/work/plan for discussion
  • Final set of notes will be due after final discussion.
  • Next up: character sketch paragraph