The Metaphor and Compare and Contrast essay

The Metaphor

  • silent reading
  • Go over short story summary for “The Metaphor”
  • How do Charlotte’s mom and Ms. Hancock influence her in different ways?
  • Finish reflection from yesterday’s circle work
  • Short story review
  • Reminder: short story final Monday

Circle Talk

  • Circle Talk with Ms. Galligos
  • Land Acknowledgement
  • Learning involves developing relationships, respecting distinct cultures, and honouring the perspective of others in our communities.

  • The deepest learning takes place through lived experience. It requires exploring our identities, learning from our mistakes, and having gratitude for our gifts.

  • How did this experience reflected this principle?
    1. How can one learn through oral communication?
    2. How did this exercise build community in this room?
  • Due on Monday, on your blog.  A reflection paragraph summarizing the experience



  • No Red Ink: Building Complex Sentences…NEW!!!
  • Go over Identifying Irony
  • Go over Traplines short story summary
  • Update AWOKB chart