TKAM Chap 13 & 14

  • Review of Chap. 12…questions for discussion and thought:
  • What do we learn about Tom Robinson in this chapter? What can we piece together about Tom Robinson and his family that Scout does not understand?
  • Why do you think that Harper Lee chose to write a scene in which Scout and Jem go to church with Calpurnia? How does this scene help us better understand the complexity of the characters? What themes does it prompt us to think more deeply about?  Why do you think Harper Lee added the part about where Cal sleeps when she stays over?
  • Read Chap 13 & 14
  • Study pack should be finished for tomorrow.


TKAM Symbols & Timeline

  • Create a timeline/flow chart that illustrates the key events in the first half of the novel (Chap 1-11).  You should have been keeping your informal timeline updated.
  • Read chap 12

TKAM Chap 10 & 11

  • Read 10 & 11
  • Make sure your timeline is up to date
  • Theme chart (may be done in groups)
  • Study pack 7-9
  • What is courage?

Character Sketches and Chap 9

  • Each group will share their assessment of their character to the class, answer the questions and predict how they will behave
  • Chap 9: Aunt Alexandra enters the picture and we learn of the trial.
  • What is courage?  How do you define conscience?

Character Sketch

  • Journal response #1 due
  • Finish character sketch: and as a group answer these questions:
  1.  How are these characters presenting themselves thus far in the novel?  (Fair, equatable, prejudiced)
  2. What are some of the choices they have made and the consequences that have happened as a result?
  • Before we begin the next section, think about this:
  • What are the consequences for those who choose to challenge a community’s rules-written and unwritten-about who belongs?   What do we know about Maycomb’s ways so far?
  • Read Chap 9
  • update theme chart, timeline

TKAM Journal #1 & Looking at Character

  • 30 minutes to work on your journal entry.

What factors influence our moral growth?  What kinds of experiences help us learn how to judge right from wrong?

Looking at a Character

You will be assigned a character  for your group to research. Consider all that has happened to the character from chapters 1 to chapter 8

  1. Around the character you should draw speech bubbles, each containing a quote or statement from that text that shows their character’s personality: chose adjectives to describe this character, which are supported by things they say, or actions
  2. Describe the character. What traits are demonstrated by the chapter in the first few chapters.

At the end, then determine if this individual will demonstrate prejudice or tolerance towards other people in the future.

Characters: Atticus, Jem, Scout, Boo Radley, Calpurnia, Bob Ewell, Miss Maudie, and Mr. Cunningham, Miss Caroline, Mr. Radley,?

TKAM Chap 5 & 6

  • Thank you to Mr. Chee for teaching English 10 A block!
  • Review of Chap 4.
  • Read Chap 5 & 6- start 1:45
  • Update timeline
  • Quote Chart up to chap 6
  • Study pack up to Chap 1-3 mood

TKAM theme chart and timeline

  • Self assessment for background assignment
  • Go over study pack for Chap 1.  Recap, set up timeline
  • Theme Chart assignment: 4 themes that we will explore while reading this novel: Acceptance/tolerance, racism/prejudice, bravery/courage, growing up/maturity.  For each chapter, choose a quote from the novel that reflects this theme.  You will use these quotes to develop your journal responses later in the novel.
  • Read Chap 2-3