Monday, July 9th

  • Silent reading
  • “All About Me” oral presentations: Lewis
  • Vocabulary #2: exercises 2A-2D- due Wednesday
  • Short Story Terminology- quiz on Wednesday
  • “The Paper Bag Princess”
  • Short Story Practice for “The Paper Bag Princess”
  • Go over grammar homework: work on sentences

Friday, July 5th

  • silent reading-20 min
  • Vocab quiz #1
  • Finish and go over Similes, Metaphors, Personification wkst
  • Time to work on “All About Me” 6 word story is now including 1 simile, 1 metaphor, and 1 personification to illustrate your personality.  Try to incorporate an illustration to support
  • Grammar- go over pg 6 & 7, pgs 8-10 homework