Wednesday, July 24th

  • silent reading
  • Reading comprehension quiz #4
  • Finish “Sam McGee” in class questions
  • Poetry terminology re test
  • “Warren Pryor” read and do questions for homework
  • Poetry final tomorrow
  • Grammar go over

Tuesday, July 23rd

  • silent reading
  • Poetry terminology quiz
  • Go over 4A-4D vocab, cloze sentence creation
  • Go over “Dreams” & “My Sealed Aquarium”
  • Discuss plot for Sam McGee-can you apply the elements of plot to the poem?
  • Time to work on questions- due by end of class.

Monday, July 22nd

  • silent reading- assignment #2 due-character sketch
  • Lesson 4 vocab-4A-4D there will be a quiz Friday for all 4 units thus far
  • 4 square analysis of “Dreams” & “My Sealed Aquarium”
  • Onomatopoeia practice
  • “The Cremation of Sam MgGee”
  • 4 square analysis of Sam MgGee
  • Questions for Sam McGee
  • Grammar-go over pgs 20-22



Friday, July 19th

  • silent reading
  • Vocab quiz #3
  • Poetry terminology begin
  • Identifying Poetic Devices
  • What is Poetry? Student booklet begin
  • How to analyze a poem using 4 square analysis
  • “July 15, 1986”, “Dreams”, and “My Sealed Aquarium”
  • Finish Identifying poetic devices for homework

Thursday, July 18th

  • Short Story Final
  • silent read when done until everyone finishes-character sketch for independent novel study due Monday, July 22nd
  • Cloze Vocab 3 practice-write your name on the paper, so the writer can mark it.
  • Work on Figurative Quote for AMJ
  • Go over Grammar p 16/17

Wednesday, July 19th

  • silent reading
  • Character Sketch due today for Mrs. Evans
  • Vocab #3- sentences creation.¬† What is CLOZE?
  • Go over “identifying theme” wkst
  • Go over “A Mountain Journey” short story summary
  • Update characterization chart for ALL stories read.
  • AMJ Questions and figurative quote drawing
  • Grammar begin
  • Short Story Unit final-tomorrow!¬† Please bring a pencil and eraser.
  • Midterm Report Cards-Friday

Tuesday, July 17th

  • silent reading
  • “The Friday Everything Changed” reflection questions due
  • Character Sketch due tomorrow
  • Go over vocab activities 3A-3D
  • Reading Comprehension for 3E
  • Identifying Theme practice
  • “A Mountain Journey”
  • Short Story summary for AMJ
  • Grammar: Plural of Nouns

Monday, July 15th

  • silent reading-Hand in Journal report of first 5 chapters.
  • All About Me presentations: Jerry, Robin, Bob, Ben, Bobby
  • Lesson 3 vocabulary- exercises 3A-3D
  • Using quotations in writing—–character sketch
  • Go over short story summary for “The Friday Everything Changed”
  • Setting and Plot in “The Friday Everything Changed”
  • Work on questions #1-10
  • Grammar-begin Plurals of nouns

Friday, June 12th

  • silent reading-reminder!! Your journal report is due on Monday
  • All About Me presentations: Siyoung, Richie, Ben, Bob, Chris
  • Vocab quiz #2
  • Go over characterization worksheet
  • Go over short story summary for “A Little Beaded Bag”
  • Characterization worksheet for Mrs. Evans
  • “The Friday Everything Changed”
  • Short story summary for “Friday”
  • Setting and Plot-2jzhdvh
  • Grammar

Thursday, July 11th

  • silent reading
  • All About Me presentations: Thein, Ali, Linn, Taylor, Anna
  • Grammar¬† quiz
  • Vocab #2 sentence writing
  • Questions for “Meg’s” due
  • Characterization practice
  • “A Little Beaded Bag”
  • Short Story Summary for homework
  • Character Sketch paragraph