TKAM Chap 5 & 6

  • Thank you to Mr. Chee for teaching English 10 A block!
  • Review of Chap 4.
  • Read Chap 5 & 6- start 1:45
  • Update timeline
  • Quote Chart up to chap 6
  • Study pack up to Chap 1-3 mood

TKAM theme chart and timeline

  • Self assessment for background assignment
  • Go over study pack for Chap 1.  Recap, set up timeline
  • Theme Chart assignment: 4 themes that we will explore while reading this novel: Acceptance/tolerance, racism/prejudice, bravery/courage, growing up/maturity.  For each chapter, choose a quote from the novel that reflects this theme.  You will use these quotes to develop your journal responses later in the novel.
  • Read Chap 2-3

TKAM Background Info & Blog Post

TKAM Background presentations

  • silent reading-10 min
  • I will put you in new groups, please make sure you have a copy of your group’s presentation on your device.
  • Please make notes in your T Chart about racism then vs now
  • Blog post: using your knowledge about these 8 topics, write an informed blog post.  This is an opinion based piece, that will use examples to support and explain your opinion.
  • Shortened class due to extended RAP.