What We Share-Talking Circle Learning Journal

  • Acknowledgement: Ela
  • silent reading
  • go over short story summary for “Legend”
  • Learning Journal examples (no names have been used) and criteria
  • Learning Journal #4- Reflecting on yesterday’s talking circle, and Richard Wagamese’s writing, how did you find the talking circle helpful, as a class, as an individual, as a larger community of citizens, from Riverside, Port Coquitlam, world.  How can listening to others stories bring us closer together?  What principle of learning do you connect with for this experience?

Talking Circle

  • Ms. Galligos here for our first Talking Circle
  • Protocol: no phones, sit where you are asked to, listen, respect.
  • Think about “What We Share”
  • Learning Journal #4 tomorrow.

Legend of Sugar Girl

  • Acknowledgement: Markus
  • No Red Ink: Finish Parts of Speech Review-silent read when done
  • Go over Identifying Irony
  • short story summary for Legend of the Sugar Girl-
  • Legend of the Sugar Girl-Use your prose fiction terminology guide to identify each element.
  • go over “8th Fire” responses-send me before we go over for homework marks (20)
  • Legend of Sugar Girl responses due tomorrow


  • silent reading
  • Barney-go over short story summary, time to work on questions-due Tuesday
  • core competency self reflection due