Monday, July 9th

  • Silent reading
  • Vocabulary #2: exercises 2A-2D
  • How to add more description: similes, metaphors, and personification!
  • Time to work on Life is About Experiences
  • Grammar continued: Parts of Speech
  • Short Story Terminology

Wednesday, July 4th

  • Go over All About Nouns
  • Hand in All about me paragraph
  • Go over paragraph mistakes
  • Vocabulary #1: Exercise 1A-1D for Thursday
  • Assemblies: Sino Canada 10:30
  • All the rest at 11:00
  • Topic Sentence and Main Idea-finish Unity, Using Facts and examples, sensory details

Good copy of your essay!

  • refer to yesterday’s post for all documents.  Please let me know if you would like a paper copy of the peer edit sheet.
  • Please print off a copy of your essay if you are typing, hand it in with your outline.
  • You’ve done it!

Essay Rough Draft

  • Now that your outline is complete, you have the ‘bones’ of your essay.  Here are some documents to help create a logical and polished essay.
  • Once you have your rough draft complete, print it off.  Double space (control 2)
  • Peer edit


  • Final hand in: essay, theme chart, journal etc.
  • 9:30 am play in cafeteria.  Drama 9 students have worked hard to create a hilarious comedy.