Grammar: No Red Ink

Grammar!  No Red Ink-go to and set up a student account. You create your own username and password, but I have to be able to recognize you  through your user name, ie. no cool guy 21, or kitty cat.  Once you have completed your personal profile, go to home, and begin the diagnostic.

Class code is jumpy note 3

  • Finish Paragraph package
  • Partner paragraph due Friday

Grammar: No Red Ink

  • Partner Introductions
  • No Red Ink-go to and set up an account.
  • Class code:
  • A block-capable pan 81
  • B block- smart flag 1
  • Please complete the diagnostic for homework

Welcome to English 10

  • Welcome to English 10!  Please bookmark my blog.  You will refer to this site daily, if you are away, you can access documents and information missed.  Please create a folder ‘English 10’
  • 10 Essential Questions:  What are the 10 important things to know about someone?  Turn to the person next to you, and without talking, create 10 questions you want to ask them.  This will be developed into a paragraph
  • Partner Paragraph: review of paragraph structure here: Paragraph Structure-1ca50ht



Welcome to English 9!

Welcome to English 9!  This  is my blog, please bookmark it on your device.  I will post all necessary documents and instructions here daily.  If you are away, please check the blog before asking what you missed.  Please create a new folder, ‘English 9’

  • 10 essential questions: what are the 10 things you like to know about people when you first meet them.  First write down these 10 essential questions then get them answered.  Don’t be afraid to ask for more detail as you will be sharing these facts to the class tomorrow.

Thursday, August 2nd

  • NO PHONES!!! Put your phone in your bag, not picket, sound off.
  • The Pearl unit exam
  • Hand in any late/missing assignments BEFORE beginning the exam
  • Final essay: Rough outline, the story, theme chart out
  • Please use the paper provided, double space, no first person “I think…”, avoid contractions, use expanded vocabulary if you can, neat printing or cursive