Poetry Final

  • 10 min to review
  • Poetry final: multiple choice, use a good pencil, don’t write in booklet, make sure your name is on the scantron.
  • Sonnet due on your blog, with the tag #sonnet and your block letter
  • silent read when done

Sonnet XV and Sonnet by YOU!

  • No Red Ink: Finish Tuesday’s unit, silent read when done.
  • Sonnet XV: Sonnet XV & CXVI-293f68g  Find the paradox!
  • Time to work on your own Sonnet
  • Poetry Final on Tuesday!!
 Write a Sonnet in Seven Steps
  1. Choose a Theme or Problem. Sonnets usually explore universal elements of human life to which many people can relate (love, maturity, words of wisdom, humour, irony, frustration)
  2. Pick a Type of Sonnet- Shakespearean
  3. Write in Iambic Pentameter-or at least try to
  4. Organize Stanzas- 3 x quatrain + 1 couplet
  5. Follow a Rhyme Scheme-ABAB CDCD EFEF GG
  6. Incorporate a Volta- or another way of saying this, TONE SWITCH, when it is coming to the end, your tone should chang
  7. Use Poetic Devices-sound, comparison, word play-refer to Poetry Terminology if you forget (please don’t we’ve spent a lot of time on this)

Secret Path Infographic

  • silent reading
  • Sam McGee questions due
  • Poem Analysis project 2017-26lbtym
  • Poetry can tell a story, remember an event, be an expression of emotion, or take the perspective of someone else, as in the case of Chanie Wenjack and Gord Downey’s Secret PathExplore the Secret Path, headphones are requiredOnce you have chosen a poem, get the lyrics,  metro lyrics is a good site
  • once you have the lyrics chosen, analyze the poem (use 4 square)

Sonnet Writing

  • Silent reading
  • Sonnet Writing: after doing the initial rough draft, please edit on word office 365.  Read it outloud, is there the correct rhyme pattern?  Use of figurative devices (3+), explore borders when ready to publish.
  • blog post #sonnet(a, c, or d) due Tuesday (at the latest, you have lots of class time)