Wednesday, July 18th

  • silent reading
  • Vocab quiz #3
  • Read “A Little Beaded Bag”
  • Short Story summary
  • Character sketch paragraph: in class only so plan your time accordingly.
  • Short story review

Tuesday, July 17th

  • silent reading
  • Go over vocab activities 3A-3D
  • Reading comprehension Lesson 3: sentence creation for Wednesday
  • Character Sketch practice paragraph-must have “title of story”, don’t use first person, author and at least 1 quote to support topic sentence.
  • “A Little Beaded Bag”
  • Sentence combining

Monday, July 16th

  • silent reading-Hand in Journal report of first 5 chapters.
  • Lesson 3 vocabulary- exercises 3A-3D
  • Go over short story summary for “The Friday Everything Changed”
  • Finish questions #1-10
  • Inferring character traits—-character sketch
  • Go over complex sentences and commas

Friday, June 13th

  • silent reading-reminder!! Your journal report is due on Monday
  • Meg’s First Day questions due
  • “The Friday Everything Changed”
  • Short story summary for “Friday”
  • Questions for “Friday”
  • Comma practice continued finish for homework
  • Sentences unit begin

Thursday, July 12th

  • silent reading
  • Grammar and Vocab quiz
  • Go over Irony worksheet
  • Go over short story summary for “Meg’s First Day”
  • Questions for “Meg’s”
  • Comma practice

Monday, July 9th

  • Silent reading
  • Vocabulary #2: exercises 2A-2D
  • How to add more description: similes, metaphors, and personification!
  • Time to work on Life is About Experiences
  • Grammar continued: Parts of Speech
  • Short Story Terminology