No Red Ink & Lit Circle Discussion #2

  • No Red Ink: begin quiz only if finished practice.  Silent read when done quiz
  • Lit Circle discussion #2
  • Summarizer begins, sets timer.
  • Literary luminary & word wizard, direct group members to the page that you are referring to.
  • Fill out self assessment when done
  • Rotate roles, begin to read section #3

Lit Circle Discussion #1

  • Review self assessment Self assessment for Lit circles
  • Check in with group.  Is everybody ready for discussion #1?  You should plan for a 20 minute discussion, but can take 30 minutes to finish up/polish work
  • How To for the discussion: Summarizer is the discussion director, once making sure everyone is ready, set timer, and then read summary, other group members can add to, discuss questions: add more questions, predictions.  Literary luminary is next, direct group to your passages (page #), read outloud, share connections, group members should try to add to connections.  Illustrator is next, travel tracer.  Word Wizard, direct group to your chosen words, don’t just read and be done, reading the words in context helps understanding.  Researcher/figurative language, same as above.
  • Fill out self assessment after discussion
  • Rotate roles- check original plan
  • Read section 2

Local Legend Project: Storytelling

  • silent reading
  • Today is for you to practice your storytelling: memorize, voice intonations, facial expression, props
  • If you know your topic for your passion project, click on this link to fill out a form.  Only one partner needs to do it
  • Sign up for oral storytelling for next week.
  • You should do some visuals (word, ppt, prezi, etc) to show a map and any other the important physical features featured in your story.
  • Talk to your C & D block teachers about missing Wednesday, November 20th’s classes.

Local Legends Project

  • Acknowledgement
  • No Red Ink Quiz: IF you have completed all of the previous lessons, begin the quiz.  DO NOT quit part way through, you will not get to restart.  If you have not finished the lessons, you have one week to complete and take the quiz.
  • Local Legends Project: You have chosen your legend.  Read, read again, read again and fill out story map, then read aloud.  Start to think about where you can add meaning (vocal intonation, facial expression, body language, volume, props)
  • Sign Up for presentation dates

Lit Circles Section #1

  • No Red Ink: Quiz starting on Tuesday, make sure you are finished all the units.  You will only have a week to take the quiz.
  • Silent read if done.
  • Finish reading Section 1.  Review your role, make your notes, check with me when done.
  • Review discussion criteria here Self assessment for Lit circles Don’t lose this document!