Welcome to Literary Studies/Composition 10!

  • Welcome! First please bookmark my blog, http://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/etate/category/english-10-agenda/  let’s do a walk through so you can see where everything is.
  • Let’s get organized!  Create a digital folder  called English 10.  You will also need sub folders within: Short Stories, Writing, Poetry, Novel
  •  open and save this in English 10
  • No Red Ink: go to www.noredink.com and sign up, each class will have a different class code, look to the white board on the left for your block and code.
  • Bookmark this site, we will explore grammar on Tues/Thurs for the first half of the semester and silent reading on Mon/Wed/Fri.  We will be going to the library on Thursday to choose your book.
  • 10 Essential Questions:  What are the 10 important things to know about someone?  Turn to the person next to you, and without talking, create 10 questions you want to ask them.  This will be developed into a paragraph
  • Partner Paragraph: review of paragraph structure here: Paragraph Structure-1ca50ht

Welcome to English 9!

  • Welcome and Land Acknowledgement!
  • First please bookmark my blog, http://myriverside.sd43.bc.ca/etate/category/english-9-agenda/ and let’s do a walk through so you can see where everything is.
  • Let’s get organized!  Create a digital folder  called English 9.  You will also need sub folders as we go through the units: Short Stories, Writing, Poetry, Lit Circles
  • English 9 Course Outline open and save this in English 9 folder
  • Partner Interview: make sure you get enough detail to write a paragraph about this partner.
  • No Red Ink: go to www.noredink.com and sign up for a student account.  Check the white board to left to see what your class code is.
  • We will explore grammar on Tuesdays and Thursdays and silent reading on Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Good copy of essay and last class :(

  • Acknowledgement
  • Thank you to all of you for making this such a great semester, I am grateful for you!  Best of luck for semester 2, hope to see in English First Peoples 11!
  • Final Passion Projects: Ben/Daniel, Asal
  • Reminder: Infographic due
  • Peer edit-get a sheet from me, find a peer, read each other’s essay.  Try to find 5 words that can be ‘upgraded’
  • Print off, double space, breathe easy!  If you are not finished, you can come in on Monday.
  • Book return-make sure you see me cross your name off when you give your lit circle novel back.
  • Make sure you know your time for Literacy Exam next week.  Come by before or after to pick up your essay.
  • I will be hosting a lunch for Ms. Galligos and Sam D. next Thursday, let me know if you would like to join us, it is optional, but I’d love to have everyone if they can.

10 Things I Hate About You

  • Good job on completing your essays-hand back
  • Ensure books are turned in, or you will get a charge and withholding of yearbook
  • Have a great semester two-programming for English 10
  • Completion of “10 Things I Hate About You”

Passion Project and Rough Draft of Synthesis Essay

  • Acknowledgement
  • I am grateful for a snow day and Burke Mtn to snowshoe on yesterday!  What did you do?
  • Passion Projects: Kota, Asal, DIllenger/Steven, Ben/Daniel
  • Rough draft of essay should be done.
  • Link to a principle of learning in the conclusion
  • Good copy due at end of the block tomorrow-Friday
  • Please make sure you return novel and I cross your name off

Essay Good copy

  • How was your Snow Day?  Hopefully you got outside to enjoy it!
  • Good copy of your essay due, please make sure it is carefully edited first.
  • No contractions, no first person perspective, transition words used, double spaced
  • Make sure you have read Rules of Academic Writing before handing in

Synthesis Essay Day 2

  • Acknowledgement
  • Please have me check your thesis
  • Your goal is to complete the outline for tomorrow
  • You should connect to a principle of learning in the conclusion
  • Refer to yesterday’s post for all necessary documents
  • Passion Projects: Leah & Kota

Essay Rough draft & Peer edit

  • You should have completed your rough draft now
  • Rough draft: you can double space on paper, or type, d
  • Peer edit: please read through the rules of academic English below before beginning peer edit.
  • I want you to find 5-10 words that could be ‘upgraded’ or changed to something more specific.  Choose an active verb over a passive verb.
  • Once complete, find a partner to exchange essays with.  Use thispeer edit sheet
  • Look for the use of first person (I think, I am going to tell you), contractions (avoid), is the title identified by ” or Underlined, or italics.
  • Is the thesis clear and supported by each topic sentence?
  • For any grade 10s registered, please check out this link:
  • https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/assessment/literacy-assessment/grade-10-literacy-assessment​
  • as you will be writing the literacy assessment next week.

Synthesis essay begin

  • Acknowledgement
  • Let’s look at this link https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/assessment/literacy-assessment/grade-10-literacy-assessment​
  • for some tips and more info on the literacy assessment next week.
  • Characterization Infographic due today!  Please put on your blog and tag #infoefp10 (no hash tag needed)