All About Me Descriptive Writing

Good afternoon everyone, we will get started at 12:15 today, you can click on the meeting link below to join. I will also send it out in teams.

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No Red Ink: most of you have already signed up to for a student account.  Our class code is ‘calm dollar 61’ or you can click on this link. Please create a username that is recognizable (not goofy, with your name in it). Once you sign in, you will be asked to select some pop culture preferences (shows, sports, movies, etc.) and this will personalize your learning experience. Our first unit, is a review (hopefully) of the Parts of Speech. There are 5 of you who have not signed up yet, I will be connecting with you to ensure you know how.  We will spend about 15 minutes today working on Parts of Speech review.  If you have finished, well done! You may explore topics of your choice on the site, or silent read.

We will explore grammar on Wednesdays and silent reading on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, please bring a book from home, or download an ebook from the local library. I also have a selection of books to choose from, and you can sign out.

What is descriptive writing?

What is a SWAY? It is a digital presentation tool in your office 365.