Lit Circle Individual Project

Here is the schedule for this week.

Monday: Work block for project and check in.  Thank you to everyone who has checked in, if you did not answer my call, please check in via teams/email.

Tuesday: Work block and check in for project.  Please let me know where you are at, and if you need help.

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Thursday: Final Work Block– you will sign up for a 5 minute time slot on Monday or Tuesday, where you will present your project to me via teams.  You must have it uploaded to your blog with the correct tag and be ready to share your screen. If you would like to share with your lit circle group, can you let me know?

*If you are ready to present to me this Thursday, PLEASE let me know as I am on a very tight schedule with report cards and final marks and would like to get started.

Absolute and Final Due Date: Monday, June 15th

Tag: litprojectd

Category: English 10

Absolute and Final assignment hand in; Monday, June 15th