June is National Aboriginal History Month!

Hi everyone,

As we have now finished our novel, Indian Horse, you should have a growing understanding of the racism, prejudice, poverty, and the long lasting impact of the residential schools.

Have you watched the movie yet?  Please watch the movie, Indian Horse Thursday/Friday trailer below

June celebrates the rich history of our Indigenous peoples in Canada, but also the horrific impact of the residential schools in our country.

Today, June 11th marks the anniversary of past Prime Minister, Stephen Harper’s apology to all surviving and deceased Aboriginal People of Canada, watch below:

What do you think?  Is that enough? (Rhetorical question, of course not!)

Here is just one of the calls to action set forth by The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 2008

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada included four calls to action for sports and recreation. Here’s just one:

87. We call upon all levels of government, in collaboration with Aboriginal peoples, sports halls of fame, and other relevant organizations, to provide public education that tells the national story of Aboriginal athletes in history.

Indigenous athletes often face tremendous difficulties beyond the rigors of training for their sport. They are frequently from geographically and economically challenged home communities which means access to elite training facilities and resources for training and travelling for training can be limited. During national and international competitions, they can be subjected to institutionalized racism and stereotyping. When you read the short bios of these 21 athletes, think of the era in which some of the athletes, such as Tom Longboat and Joseph Benjamin Keeper, competed, and imagine the barriers they faced.

Please click the button to download the list of amazing past, present and emerging Indigenous athletes. There are many more outstanding Indigenous athletes than just the 21 we’ve listed.

Learn more

It is my goal that we can create a Canada that we can change and end the systemic racism that still exists today, by educating ourselves and sharing our knowledge and calling to action!

Have you heard of the Missing Indigenous Women Epidemic in Canada?  Please listen to one of Mr. Barazzuol’s New Media 10 classes podcasts below.  They worked with the art department to make the covers.

The tag is indigenouspodcast

Please comment on the podcasts you listen to, in order to acknowledge the writers as their purpose was to bring awareness to this cultural genocide.

Call to Action!  What can you do?  You can write a letter to your local Member of Parliament supporting equity for First Nations students.  Did you know many Northern Reserves do not have access to clean running water? Did you know that Northern Indigenous kids often do not have access to high school on their reserve and have to leave to go South to a large city to get their diploma?

Here is a link to some Indigenous Reads, but I will also post some of my personal favourites tomorrow.






Lit Circle Individual Project

Here is the schedule for this week.

Monday: Work block for project and check in.  Thank you to everyone who has checked in, if you did not answer my call, please check in via teams/email.

Tuesday: Work block and check in for project.  Please let me know where you are at, and if you need help.

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Thursday: Final Work Block– you will sign up for a 5 minute time slot on Monday or Tuesday, where you will present your project to me via teams.  You must have it uploaded to your blog with the correct tag and be ready to share your screen. If you would like to share with your lit circle group, can you let me know?

*If you are ready to present to me this Thursday, PLEASE let me know as I am on a very tight schedule with report cards and final marks and would like to get started.

Absolute and Final Due Date: Monday, June 15th

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Category: English 10

Absolute and Final assignment hand in; Monday, June 15th

Lit Circle Wrap Up & Core Competency final reflection

Here is the schedule for this week:

A block Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

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C Block Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Monday- working on Literary Element Log & Core Competency reflection-how have you adjusted to this new learning environment.  Choose the 1-2 cc that you had to access for success this final term.

Final element: Author study!  I have put this ppt on teams as well.

Literary Elements Reading Log

Please update and finish off with evidence that connects to the story.


A Block Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

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C Block Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

You will be working on an individual project relating to the novel for the remaining classes.  We will explore different topics and means of delivery.

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I will be meeting with you via teams, or you can email me your detailed plan for your project.

You need to have a step by step timeline and be able to identify the theme(s) that you are focusing on.

Due Date: Thursday, June 18th You will sign up for a 5 minute time slot where you ‘present’ your project to me through teams.

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Category: English 9



Lit Circle Individual Project & Literary Elements Log

Hi everyone,

Welcome to June!  Here is the schedule for this week and the meeting link for today.

Monday: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

The last and final element of your literary element log is logically, the author.  Without the author to tell a story, there is no story.  Especially in Richard Wagamese’s case.  So for this final aspect of the log, I want you to do some research on our author.

Your literary element log is due by Friday on teams, or sooner as we have been working on it for 8 weeks.  How you choose to display and present it is up to you (see #6 below).

Lit Circle Individual Project:

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Tuesday: no meeting link today, as YOU will call me when you have decided upon your individual project choice.  You must have a step by step plan/outline of what you will be doing in order to complete the project for next Tuesday, June 9th.

*I have put a lot of documents on our teams channel, look under files–essay writing

Thursday: This will be a work block for the project, please check in with me to show your progress.


Lit Circles: Section 8 (the end!) & Theme

Hi everyone,

Edublog is working again, so I will post our week’s schedule here.  This is the final section of our novel, so dig in!

Monday-we will read from “Rowdy and I Have A Long and Serious Discussion About Basketball” to the end!  I think that title might be an example of?? (literary device to hint at something to come).

A Block: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

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C Block: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Tuesday- this week’s literary element is theme!  What is theme again?  Today you will work on final role for lit circles.  Thursday’s lit circle discussion will be the final one for this school year, make it work!

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