Lit Circle Discussion #3 & Genre

  • Acknowledgement
  • Discussion #3, today is a shortened block, check in with your group first, perhaps take 1 minutes to allow everyone to polish up work.
  • You will need to read Section 4 over the weekend as I would like to have Discussion #4 on Monday, but you can schedule it for the latter half of the class.
  • Today’s reading/discussion focus is Genre

Reading Focus: Genre

Notes: In literature, a genre is a category defined by its form, style, and/or subject matter. Categories tend to be loosely defined, often with subgroups. See chart below.

Examples: Within the Fiction genre exist the sub-genres of Science Fiction, Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure, Satire, Dystopian, Fantasy, Magical Realism, Poetry and more. The Non-Fiction genre has subgenres of Memoir, Biography, Poetry, Autobiography, Journalism, and more.

As you read today, discuss/determine the genre of your book and in your notes, write down the characteristics of that genre.