Lit Circles Stop Motion

  • Last day for filming: due Monday, January 6th fully edited and ready to go!
  • Make sure you send me your final set of notes #6-9 today!
  • Tag Stop Motion: literaturemotion a or d

Lit Circle Read Section 5

  • Acknowledgement
  • Now you will have completed all the roles so far.  Please fill out a reflection form and send the notes to me when done.
  • Finish reading Section 5, some of you have a discussion scheduled today, or tomorrow.
  • Today’s reading focus: Setting
  • Setting is not just the place, but the time, lifestyle, culture, spiritual, and moral atmosphere.
  • Past/present, day or night, real/imaginary…

Lit Circles Discussion #4

  • Check in with group, you may schedule your discussion for 11:15 if that works best.
  • Discussion/reading focus: Characterization.
  • 3 main ways to understand a character: actions, words/thoughts, actions/reactions of others.  What are 3 adjectives you could use to describe your protagonist?
  • Next discussion is scheduled for Wednesday, will you need to read at home?