Short Story Final

  • Short story unit final /50
  • Have silent reading book out with you to read when done
  • Check myed to ensure all missed assignments are handed in
  • Please bring ear buds for class tomorrow

Group Poem Analysis & Richard Cory

  • No Red Ink: choose the right conjunction
  • New groups to be formed to join 1 member from each poem, with the other poems.  You must have your “What Is Poetry” student booklet out.
  • Read your poem with new group, making sure that they also are reading it
  • Please also take notes for each poem on the paper, to help you remember when you study for the final.
  • You should have at least 2 questions to have group answer.
  • Summarize your learning on each poem (write in your notes or on booklet)
  • “Warren Pryor” for homework


  • Acknowledgement:
  • silent reading
  • Go over short story summary for “Traplines”
  • Traplines responses, reminder, unit final tomorrow

What is Poetry?

  • No Red Ink: finish adj & adv: new unit, choosing the correct conjunction
  • Go over Identifying Figurative language
  • “Dreams” by Langston Hughes and “My Sealed Aquarium” answer questions for homework