Grammar quiz, Character Sketch Paragraph peer edit & The Veldt Flip Book

  • Adj & Adv quiz-only if you are finished practices! You have a week to complete it, but once you start it, you can’t quit.
  • Peer edit
  1. Is there any first person, “I, I am going to talk about, I learned, we read, I think” AVOID
  2. Proper noun mistakes, every first letter of a name or title should be capitalized.  Absolutely no lower care i or u.
  3. Do the sentences make sense?  Is there a subject and predicate? (noun + verb+ action)
  4. Is there a quote or two?  Is it inserted properly?  Where would you look to find out?
  5. Is it double spaced?  12 font?
  6. Is the title identified by italics, underline, or put in quotation marks?
  7. Please print off
  • time to work on Flip Book
  • Short Story final tomorrow