Where Are the Children?

  • Acknowledgement: Olivia
  • silent reading
  • finish listening to your story-listen to once without stopping, then a second time to take notes and fill out fact sheet, you may need to do deeper research.  Explore the links on the assignment sheet.
  • Fact sheet needs to be completed by Monday, as we will be turning these facts into a narrative.

Secret Path analysis

  • No Red Ink: Building good sentences
  • Get a book and headphones, read through your top 3 songs and read the graphic comic
  • Once you have decided on the song, begin to analyze, don’t forget background and symbols
  • Infographic work time tomorrow.  Make sure you have your lyrics and analysis ready

Canada Apologizes-The Power of Apology

  • Acknowledgement: Cristina
  • silent reading
  • Go over Traplines responses
  • Indian Act vocab
  • What is Decolonization?  Where is our part in it? Thinking back to Thursday’s 4 questions
  • A social and political process aimed at resisting and undoing the impacts of colonization and re establishing strong contemporary Indigenous Nations based on traditional values and knowledge.
  • We will watch Murray Sinclair’s formal apology

The Indian Act

  • Acknowledgment: Ms. Anderson
  • No Red Ink: finish adj & adv
  • Mark Part
  • Work on Indian Act

4 questions: In your learning journal, answer these questions…

  1. Who Am I?
  2. Where Do I come from?
  3. Where do I belong?
  4. What is my purpose?