Thursday, August 8th

  • silent reading (or finishing your outline)
  • Finish final write for The Pearl
  • Outline—rough draft, double space.  Peer edit, type through google to check for authenticity of language
  • Good copy–computer lab A200 double space, 12 font, printed copy please
  • LAST DAY TOMORROW!! Bring things to have fun with in the park, badminton, books, balls, etc

Tuesday, August 6th

  • silent reading
  • Book Talk presentations: Bob, Thien
  • Lesson 6 vocabulary: 6A-6D
  • Final discussion-hand in notes with self assessment when completed
  • Hand in Chap 6 discussion questions and vocab
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Wednesday, August 7th

  • NO PHONES!!! Put your phone in your bag, not pocket, sound off.
  • Lesson 6 reading quiz
  • The Pearl unit exam
  • Final essay: Rough outline- review the focus points for “The Pearl” for compare/contrast points
  • Outline should be completed for tomorrow-rough draft am/good copy in lab after break

Friday, August 2nd

  • silent reading
  • Book talk presentations: Thien, Chris, Siyoung, Robin, Bob
  • Lesson 5 vocab quiz
  • Chap 5 discussion
  • Hand in #5 questions & vocab
  • Read Chap 6-final discussion on Tuesday.  Notes will be handed in with self assessment.
  • Essay begins Tuesday after final discussion.  Think about the theme that speaks to you!

Thursday, August 1st

  • silent reading
  • Book Talk presentations: Linn, Thien, Richie, Ben
  • Paragraph creation with Lesson 5 vocab
  • Discussion #4
  • Hand in questions for Chap. 4
  • Read Chap. 5
  • Questions and vocab for Chap. 5