Wednesday, July 31st

  • silent reading
  • Book Talk Presentations: Ali, Amirreza, Anna, Sara, Sharon
  • Lesson 5 Vocab reading quiz
  • Discussion #3
  • Hand in Chap 3 questions
  • Review of Chap 3
  • Read Chap 4
  • Prepare role for discussion #4 tomorrow

Tuesday, July 30th

  • silent reading
  • Book Talk Presentations: Dung, Lewis, Malcom, Youbin, Taylor
  • Go over Vocab #5-5A-5D
  • Time to work on role and questions/vocab
  • Discussion #2- fill out self assessment
  • Hand in questions for Chap 2
  • Read Chap 3 and begin questions and vocab-make sure you read the vocabulary and questions before you begin.

Monday, July 29th

  • silent reading
  • Book Talk Presentations: Jerry, Dung, Vivian
  • Vocab #5-Exercises 5A-5D
  • Discussion #1- refer to rubric to score yourself on self-assessment
  • Hand in questions and vocab for Chap 1 The Pearl
  • Read Chap 2-refer to schedule for new role
  • Do role for #2 and questions and vocab for homework

Friday, July 26th

  • silent reading
  • Grammar Quiz #2
  • Vocab Quiz #1-4
  • Role assignment: discuss responses with group
  • Read Chap. 1
  • Complete role
  • Questions and vocab for Monday

Thursday, July 25th

  • silent reading
  • Go over “Warren Pryor”-homework check
  • Poetry final-use pencil for the scantron
  • Vocabulary #4-cloze writing
  • Go over Lit circle roles and expecatations
  • Background knowledge and quick write:
  • book talk presentations start next week.

Wednesday, July 24th

  • silent reading
  • Reading comprehension quiz #4
  • Finish “Sam McGee” in class questions
  • Poetry terminology re test
  • “Warren Pryor” read and do questions for homework
  • Poetry final tomorrow
  • Grammar go over

Tuesday, July 23rd

  • silent reading
  • Poetry terminology quiz
  • Go over 4A-4D vocab, cloze sentence creation
  • Go over “Dreams” & “My Sealed Aquarium”
  • Discuss plot for Sam McGee-can you apply the elements of plot to the poem?
  • Time to work on questions- due by end of class.

Monday, July 22nd

  • silent reading- assignment #2 due-character sketch
  • Lesson 4 vocab-4A-4D there will be a quiz Friday for all 4 units thus far
  • 4 square analysis of “Dreams” & “My Sealed Aquarium”
  • Onomatopoeia practice
  • “The Cremation of Sam MgGee”
  • 4 square analysis of Sam MgGee
  • Questions for Sam McGee
  • Grammar-go over pgs 20-22



Friday, July 19th

  • silent reading
  • Vocab quiz #3
  • Poetry terminology begin
  • Identifying Poetic Devices
  • What is Poetry? Student booklet begin
  • How to analyze a poem using 4 square analysis
  • “July 15, 1986”, “Dreams”, and “My Sealed Aquarium”
  • Finish Identifying poetic devices for homework

Thursday, July 18th

  • Short Story Final
  • silent read when done until everyone finishes-character sketch for independent novel study due Monday, July 22nd
  • Cloze Vocab 3 practice-write your name on the paper, so the writer can mark it.
  • Work on Figurative Quote for AMJ
  • Go over Grammar p 16/17