To Kill A Mockingbird

  • Academy award wining “To Kill A Mockingbird” this does not follow the book’s depth of conflict, but focuses on the theme of racism/prejudice as the main conflict.  Gregory Peck is a perfect Atticus Finch
  • To be finished on Monday
  • Tuesday for genre project presentations

Lit Circle wrap up

  • Final set of notes due with final reflection.
  • Character sketch due.
  • Genre project work block- last class block to work on it.  Presentations will be Tuesday in class.
  • Deadline for Q3 assignments tomorrow before the end of your block!

Lit Circle work block

  • time to work on Genre trailer project.
  • Storyboard first, shared document for paragraphs.
  • Character Sketch paragraph due now
  • Final set of notes due after completion of final discussion, hand in with green reflection and self assessment for discussions.