Lit Circle read #1

  • Please sit in your groups
  • Have one member create a shared folder on one note/google docs/other.
  • Review the roles before reading, make sure everyone understands what their responsibilities’ are before beginning reading (sticky notes available for free on the COW cart).  Make sure you stop reading at the assigned page #!
  • Read
  • Do notes/role for tomorrow’s first discussion.
  • literature_circles_roles (Tate – Final)
  • TKAM Chapters 1-14 (Word)-20eb6hs
  • Maycomb map

TKAM: I will attach notes to aid your understanding as you progress through the novel. Please ask me questions!

TKAM character list-1i0uzzf

About the Author

Poetry Final

  • 10 min to review
  • Poetry final: multiple choice, use a good pencil, don’t write in booklet, make sure your name is on the scantron.
  • Sonnet due on your blog, with the tag #sonnet and your block letter
  • silent read when done