TKAM Chap. 24.5-27

  • READ!!
  • This is the last section of the novel, and within it is the best part of the story.┬á ­čÖé
  • Journal #4 Chap. 22-26
  • All journal responses due Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

TKAM Chap 22-24

  • 10 minutes to work
  • Journal response #2 due today (chap 9-16)
  • Journal response #3 due Thursday (chap 17-21)
  • Read Chap 22-24.5.

Lit Circle Wrap Up & Character Sketch

  • Most groups are having discussion 8 or 9 (A block), or finishing up and working on their┬ácharacter sketch for either protagonist or the antagonist.
  • When finished discussion 9, please fill out a green reflection form, hand it in with your yellow self assessment.
  • Please see MondayTuesday’s post for a reminder on the character sketch.┬á This is due the first day┬á back, please post on your blog as soon as you are done #litcirclecharactersketch a or b

Lit Circles

  • most of you are nearing the end of the book.
  • When completed, please fill out a green final reflection sheet handed in with your totaled self assessment for discussion, /36
  • You also need to write a written character sketch about either the protagonist or antagonist. see a review on yesterday’s post.┬á Keep in mind the use of adjectives to describe character, evidence from the story to support, use at leas2 quotations.

TKAM Chap 19-21 The Trial continues

  • 10 minutes to work on journal response #2
  • #tkamstoryboard is now due, please put on your blog.
  • Review of 18…next up, Tom Robinson takes the stand.
  • What do we know about Dolphus Raymond from Chap. 16?
  • What do we know happened on the night of Nov. 21st?
  • Compare the description of the Ewell home to that of the African American community nearby?
  • Read Chap. 19-21

TKAM The Trial begins

  • 20 minutes to work on storyboard or Journal response #2
  • Chap┬á17-18 The Trial begins, what do we learn about Mayella’s life?

Lit Circles 7

  • Discussion 7, or reading Section 8
  • What is your reading schedule for next week?
  • When finished, new reflection, character sketch

TKAM 15 & 16

  • Chap 15: The Mob
  • Time to work on storyboard-due Monday #tkamstoryboard
  • Theme chart
  • Journal Response #2 due next Tuesday, December 18th