TKAM Chap. 24.5-27

  • READ!!
  • This is the last section of the novel, and within it is the best part of the story.¬† ūüôā
  • Journal #4 Chap. 22-26
  • All journal responses due Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

TKAM Chap 22-24

  • 10 minutes to work
  • Journal response #2 due today (chap 9-16)
  • Journal response #3 due Thursday (chap 17-21)
  • Read Chap 22-24.5.

Lit Circle Wrap Up & Character Sketch

  • Most groups are having discussion 8 or 9 (A block), or finishing up and working on their¬†character sketch for either protagonist or the antagonist.
  • When finished discussion 9, please fill out a green reflection form, hand it in with your yellow self assessment.
  • Please see MondayTuesday’s post for a reminder on the character sketch.¬† This is due the first day¬† back, please post on your blog as soon as you are done #litcirclecharactersketch a or b

TKAM Chap 19-21 The Trial continues

  • 10 minutes to work on journal response #2
  • #tkamstoryboard is now due, please put on your blog.
  • Review of 18…next up, Tom Robinson takes the stand.
  • What do we know about Dolphus Raymond from Chap. 16?
  • What do we know happened on the night of Nov. 21st?
  • Compare the description of the Ewell home to that of the African American community nearby?
  • Read Chap. 19-21

TKAM The Trial begins

  • 20 minutes to work on storyboard or Journal response #2
  • Chap¬†17-18 The Trial begins, what do we learn about Mayella’s life?

Lit Circles 7

  • Discussion 7, or reading Section 8
  • What is your reading schedule for next week?
  • When finished, new reflection, character sketch

TKAM 15 & 16

  • Chap 15: The Mob
  • Time to work on storyboard-due Monday #tkamstoryboard
  • Theme chart
  • Journal Response #2 due next Tuesday, December 18th

TKAM Part 2 Begins (Chap 12-14)

  • Chap 12:¬† Review these questions before reading.
  • What do we learn about Tom Robinson in this chapter? What can¬†we¬†piece together about Tom Robinson and his family that Scout does not understand?
  • Why do you think that Harper Lee chose to write a scene in which Scout and Jem go to church with Calpurnia? How does this scene help us better understand the complexity of the characters? What themes does it prompt us to think more deeply about?¬† Why do you think Harper Lee added the part about where Cal sleeps when she stays over?
  • Read Chap 13 & 14