• No Red Ink: Quiz on commonly confused words
  • Infographic work block: Mr. Barazzuol here for A block to check in
  • Inforgraphic due Monday
  • Poetry final Monday

Sonnet XV

  • silent reading
  • Sonnet translation for Sonnet XVIII
  • Sonnet XV: Metaphor, Personification, Paradox- highlight these as you discover them
  • Analysis of Sonnet XV

Poetry share

  • Silent reading
  • Illustrate Poetic devices due- #poeticdevices a or b
  • Group analysis of poem, you will be in a new group, each person will share their analysis, after all have read the poem.  You need to take notes.
  • Answer these questions about the poem “Richard Cory”
  • What is the relationship between Richard Cory and the speaker?
  • How does rhyme and meter move the poem forward?
  • What does the poem suggest about envy?
  • What does the poem suggest about privilege?

Group Analysis

  • silent reading
  • Warren Pryor
  • Group analysis: you will be given a poem to analyze with your group.  You must cover all the 4 areas of the 4 square guide.
  • Each group member will branch off on Monday to teach their poem to a new group

Poetry: Warren Pryor

  • No red ink: commonly confused words
  • 30 min to work on Illustrate Poetic Devices
  • “Warren Pryor” analyze and questions for homework