• No Red Ink: Quiz on commonly confused words
  • Infographic work block: Mr. Barazzuol here for A block to check in
  • Inforgraphic due Monday
  • Poetry final Monday


  • No Red Ink-finish capitalization quiz, silent read when done
  • Infographic work block-Mr. Barazzuol here tomorrow to introduce how to for Infographic.  You should have your 4 square analysis done/finished this block, the next step of research is to add in more context about meaning and purpose of Secret Path (background info, info about artist, historical context, map, etc)

Secret Path analysis & Infographic

  • No Red Ink: finish units, begin capitalization quiz
  • Mark Sam McGee questions
  • Infographic work time- first, get the lyrics for your song, analyze-both on the lyrics, and using the 4 square
  • Mr. Barazuol here Tuesday to begin Inforgraphic.

Sonnet XV

  • silent reading
  • Sonnet translation for Sonnet XVIII
  • Sonnet XV: Metaphor, Personification, Paradox- highlight these as you discover them
  • Analysis of Sonnet XV

Poetry share

  • Silent reading
  • Illustrate Poetic devices due- #poeticdevices a or b
  • Group analysis of poem, you will be in a new group, each person will share their analysis, after all have read the poem.  You need to take notes.
  • Answer these questions about the poem “Richard Cory”
  • What is the relationship between Richard Cory and the speaker?
  • How does rhyme and meter move the poem forward?
  • What does the poem suggest about envy?
  • What does the poem suggest about privilege?

Group Analysis

  • silent reading
  • Warren Pryor
  • Group analysis: you will be given a poem to analyze with your group.  You must cover all the 4 areas of the 4 square guide.
  • Each group member will branch off on Monday to teach their poem to a new group