Lit Circle Section #2

  • Finish Reading Section 2
  • Complete Section 2 role/notes for Monday’s discussion.  You should have ample class time to complete, no excuses for incomplete work on Monday.
  • No Red Ink: finish grammar quizzes and any units
  • IF….all your group is finished their notes, you MAY have discussion #2

Lit Circle Discussion #1

  • Make sure everyone in the group is ready to go (10 min), then the summarizer begins
  • When finished (15-20 min) begin reading Section 2
  • Rotate the roles for Section 2

Spoken Word continued

  • 10 min to practice
  • remainder of spoken words
  • anonymous class vote for finals
  • time to work on notes for discussion #1 tomorrow

Spoken Word!

  • 20 min to practice spoken word
  • Let’s begin! Relax, no student or human, has ever died, barfed, fainted or been tragically scared for life when doing spoken word.

TKAM Background presentations

  • silent reading
  • You will be divided into a group with the 7 other topics.
  • Self assessment based on your contribution
  • Book distribution

Before we begin reading, create a document “essential questions TKAM” and record your thoughts about these essential questions:

What factors influence our moral growth?  What kids of experiences help us learn how to judge right from wrong?

What is identity? To what extent do we determine our own identities?  What are stereotypes, and how do they affect how we see ourselves and how others see us?

How does our need to belong influence our identity? How does it lead to the formation of “in” and “out” groups in our society

Lit Circle Read #1