Rough copy/peer edit

Core Competencies & Barney

  • silent reading (Fake Friday)
  • Final lego stop motion stories
  • Go to the ‘core competencies’ tab on your blog: read through all of them, but choose 2 to write your reflection on
  • Barney-short-story-1zm9dho-uqe9j5
  • short story summary for Barney
  • check out the quizlet on yesterday’s post
  • Short story final on Monday

Compare and Contrast Outline

  • Make sure you have your thesis checked by me.
  • You should have completed at least the introduction and first body paragraph, today you will complete your outline.  You may only have the outline, transition words, quotations guide out tomorrow for the in class essay write.  If you are not able to complete in this time provided, you must arrange to come in at lunch or before school.
  • Short story Unit final Monday, October 22nd

Lego Stop Motion

  • You may skip No Red Ink today in order to utilize the whole class block for Lego Stop Motion.
  • I will check in with groups, but you should be finishing filming and using today for audio, editing, and finishing touches.