Good copy of your essay!

  • refer to yesterday’s post for all documents.  Please let me know if you would like a paper copy of the peer edit sheet.
  • Please print off a copy of your essay if you are typing, hand it in with your outline.
  • You’ve done it!

Essay Rough Draft

  • Now that your outline is complete, you have the ‘bones’ of your essay.  Here are some documents to help create a logical and polished essay.
  • Once you have your rough draft complete, print it off.  Double space (control 2)
  • Peer edit


  • Final hand in: essay, theme chart, journal etc.
  • 9:30 am play in cafeteria.  Drama 9 students have worked hard to create a hilarious comedy.

TKAM essay

  • Please peer edit: use this checklist, or make your own.  Absolutely no capitalization errors please! peer edit sheet
  • When ready please print off.  No first person “I”, no contractions, at least 1 quote to support in each body paragraph (3), double spaced, title…

TKAM essay

  • Thesis check, please have me check your thesis.
  • Outline: each of the 3 topic sentences should support your thesis statement.