Lit Circle Project Time

  • Group project time: you have today and tomorrow.  Presentations Monday (Block B) and Tuesday (Block B and D)
  • Individual project due Wed for B Block and Friday for D block
  • Due NOW: Journal responses #5-9 & self assessment for discussion

TKAM Journal response #3

  • Journal response #3 (Chap 17-21)  This section focuses on the trial, choose a quote that represents one of the themes, try to make a connection to an outside source (modern life) in this one.  Review how to insert quotes here Quotations-277meal-1wde8wi
  • update theme chart & study pack

The Trial & racism then vs now

  • Racism then vs now: watch and read (or scan) these, how is racism and prejudice being eliminated?  How is it still the same?

The trial:

Why does Dill break down crying when Mr. Gilmer questions Tom?  How does Scout comfort Dill?

When Mr. Gilmer asks Tom if he ran because he was afraid he would have to face up to what he did, Tom replies, “No suh, scared I’d hafta face up to what I didn’t do.” What does he mean?

Do you think Tom should be acquitted?  Is there enough evidence to prove his innocence?

Read Chap 20

TKAM Chap 13 & 14

  • Review of Chap. 12…questions for discussion and thought:
  • What do we learn about Tom Robinson in this chapter? What can we piece together about Tom Robinson and his family that Scout does not understand?
  • Why do you think that Harper Lee chose to write a scene in which Scout and Jem go to church with Calpurnia? How does this scene help us better understand the complexity of the characters? What themes does it prompt us to think more deeply about?  Why do you think Harper Lee added the part about where Cal sleeps when she stays over?
  • Read Chap 13 & 14
  • Study pack should be finished for tomorrow.