Spoken Word

  • silent reading
  • Spoken word ppt
  • Time to write your word:
  • First brainstorm ideas, what makes you make you mad, sad, angry, happy, who has been important in your life, watch more videos if you need inspiration
  • Write it out, get some words on paper/device, then add devices and more flavour and sparkle
  • Come to class Monday with a working draft of your piece.

Spoken Word!

  • No red ink or silent reading if done-shortened class due to extended RAP
  • finish marking tests
  • Spoken word: finish writing, try it out, add more sauce (devices)
  • Spoken word ppt

Poetry Unit Final

  • shortened class due to early dismissal
  • Poetry final, please use the scantron provided and carefully and clearly fill in the bubbles
  • Infographic due Friday

Poetry Unit Final

  • 10 min to study
  • Spoken word: in class Monday, April 30th/Tuesday May 1st
  • Poetry concept map: due Monday April 30th
  • Analysis paragraph-overdue

Poem Analysis

  • silent reading
  • Poem analysis: using the analyzing poetry 7 point guide, begin your 3 paragraph analysis of your chosen poem.  You must hand a copy of the poem with the analysis.  Everything must be in your own words, I will check each line.
  • Good copy due Thursday


  • No Red Ink: finish both comma units.  When complete, silent read.
  • Go over 4 square analysis for “Plenty”
  • Time to work on Questions #1,2,3,4,6 post on blog #plentypoem

Lego Stop Motion presentations & Core Competencies

  • Lego Stop motion presentations-each group member needs to have the film on their blog
  • Core Competencies self assessment.  Go to your blog and under the tab ‘core competencies’ open it up.  Explore them, and you will be choosing 1-2 that apply to your learning for this project.