Character Sketch & Grammar

  • No red ink (please have this bookmarked).  Active and Passive Voice if you are finished Parts of Speech Quiz
  • Character Sketch: once you have filled out graphic organizer with evidence from the story to support your analysis of character, now you create a written character sketch paragraph.
  • 1-2 quotes to support, title and author properly introduced, transition words, title

AMJ Questions, vocab, & figurative quote drawing

  • Grammar: No red ink.  When you finish the practice activities, you will notice there is a quiz.  DO NOT TAKE THE QUIZ until all the activities are completed.
  • Go over AMJ questions & vocab, post on blog #AMJB or D
  • Figurative quote drawing time

AMJ Figurative Quote

  • silent reading
  • #AMJB or D for the comprehension questions.
  • Taking your 4 quotes, illustrate using your choice of media, the literal representation